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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Treering, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Treering

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    Is there a way to slit seed without so much dethatching action that leaves piles of grass and thatch on the seed bed?

    Can the teeth blades on the stinger 2400 be swapped out with a smooth circular sharp discs that slice a slit instead of ripping a groove and throwing thatch everywhere?

    In our application, we would prefer the seed be inserted into the existing turf with the least amount of mess and then we would follow it with top dressing.

    What is the blade spacing on the stinger 2400?
  2. hardint

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    I finished my first 46,000 sq ft lawn with my 2400 and yes it pulls a lot of thatch which we raked and removed,but my new baby grass is up and looking great, seed to dirt is key to survival and Superseeder gets that done , I'm proud to own it. Cutting grass as short as possible reduces the thatch. I ran two passes with 2400 at 90 or 45 degrees depending on the lot lay out. JMO
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  3. Treering

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    Thank you for confirming the amount of thatch it pulls and the germination success rates.
    We currently do lots of topdressing and double core aerate and then bury our seed with the topdressing.

    The idea of the slit seeder sounds good but the thought of having to rake up 10 properties a day and then dispose of the mess is not appealing.

    Would the guys at stinger would be willing to test out solid round discs instead of their standard blades?

    Would the spinning disc simply slice open the thatch and soil so the seed could fall into the slit without flinging thatch everywhere? The topdressing application would provide the seed to soil contact.

    Yes the machine would not have much Harley rake effect but by simply changing out the reel /blade combo would allow highend, thicker lawns to be overseeded without the mess.
  4. Treering

    Treering LawnSite Member
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    Any thoughts from the stinger rep about using different cutting discs on the slit seeder?
  5. RigglePLC

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    How about a machine that power rakes the thatch--drops the seed, deposits optional starter fert, crimps the grassy thatch residue, deposits it back on the seedbed, and rolls it with cast iron rollers.
    Rubber rollers or tires could be used for that final rolling step.
    If you want sheep's foot or football cleat rollers--optional at extra cost.

    Also must apply Tenacity (liquid or dry).
  6. hardint

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    All I can saw is I have nice green rows of grass in two directions 1 1/2 " apart in less than two weeks,of course I give the credit To God for the gentle rain and viable seed but the Stinger did a Great job putting seed to soil contact,where I applied peat moss to barren spots the results are even greater. I might could have left the thatch residue but I feel sure it would have choked the seedlings as it was a lot of crabgrass and other stuff even after cutting to 2" and vacuuming. But the outcome I wanted was a beautiful yard again thus the extra work was required for me on my on yard not for hire. JMO
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  7. hardint

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    from Ky
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    RigglePLC I love your thinking on a machine like that but it would be farther out of my price range than the Stinger was by far,if you build it I'd love to test it next fall !!!
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  8. Stinger Equipment

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    I'm not trying to be sarcastic and please read the entire post...there is some good seeding advice here. I have literally done 300+ total renovations and far more over seeding than that personally over the last 15 years.

    The unit is hands down the best seeder ever produced on the market....and it isn't even close. The beauty of the machines isn't the productivity that is 2x more than anyone else, the key is the blade action!!!

    The blades spin backward so they cut easily through thatch all the way to hard clay and fracture the ground making an incredible seed bed. Does it pull up thatch? Yes. But not more than any of the other if they are capable of getting trough the thatch layer to the soil.

    Unit that pull up less that are only because they are not getting down to the ground. Our blades are larger diameter, but they are the same tooth and material thickness as the majority of saw blade style seeder on the market.

    The key to seeding is seed to soil contact and our machine does it far better than anything else on the market.

    Get one and use a few times before asking to have different options that would make it average at best.

    As for thatch with any seeder: Seed the lawn, do not remove it. Getting it to the surface is a good thing. Tell the customer to water, wait 10 days and start mowing. The thatch will be dead and crunchy by then and simply dissolve into compost to feed the lawn. The thatch also acts as a barrier to help retain moisture when the seed is germinating. Once the seeder starts to germinate in an established lawn, start mowing again.
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  9. Treering

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    Thank you for your input.
  10. rcreech

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    We have been seeding for 13 years and do between 150-200 lawns a year.

    The key to seeding is seed to soil contact. The more the seeder disturbs the ground the better the seed to soil contact.

    We rarely have to take a lawn but if the thatch is that bad that also means it needed to come out. We love the Stinger seeders and they are by far the best seeder on the market.
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