Stink Vine!

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by mowjoeman, Sep 18, 2004.

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    It dosen't grow very big, it's no bigger than say kite string? but it grows and grows it finally takes over and can kill anything in comes in contact with. It smells aweful, can anyone tell me what I can use to kill this vine as it is everywhere! I hand picked it for hours and to my surprise it was back in no time at all! I live in central west Florida and it seems to be abundant this season. does anyone else have this problem? and if so how can I kill it safely, organically as I live near the river. This is my third thread with no luck. If anyone knows this vine and how to get rid of it , please take a moment to help. Thanks Joe
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    Try spraying the leaves with household vinegar mixed with a few drops of liquid dish soap. If that doesn't work, look for 20% horticultural vinegar at an organic oriented garden center. This is not a soil drench, just a foliar spray.

    Be careful with the 20% if you get it. It's pretty strong stuff. Definitely keep it away from your face and eyes. The blindness can last for 3 months.

    If the vinegar works, you'll know in about an hour. You might have to respray every time you see a green leaf appear.
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    Thankyou for your reply- I'm trying to find someting that will kill this vine and the problem is more wide spread than I previously thought. I found that it is rooted and spreads through the grass too. It is now all over most of the neighbor's property, the main problem I have with finding something to kill it is as I mentioned before, there are two sides of water which aventually lead to the Gulf. Could you maybe recommend another way to rid this vine from the property as this vine is wide spread? Thanks Joe

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