Stinkhorn fungus control in beds

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    Hi Guys,

    I don't mess with chemicals, but I wanted to explore options before I look for someone locally.

    I have a customer who is having issues with clathrus columnatus (sp?) stinkhorns that came in with a load of cypress mulch. Is there a product that will control the spread of these foul fungus? We dig the fungus up as it emerges, but the continue to be a problem. The removal of all the mulch is not an option due to the volume.
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    Cooler weather should decrease the problem. Also consider covering over with a layer of a different type of mulch--pine bark perhaps.

    Can you reduce the sprinkling in this area?

    Perhaps during certain times of the year...a spray of an inexpensive fungicide on the bark. Like a copper fungicide...or sulfur.
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