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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by TerraVenture, Apr 25, 2006.

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    I am designing a set of stairs for a client and I can never seem to get a comfortable combination or rise and run for steps and landings. The total rise is 75 inches over a run of 39 feet. In the past I have used a run of four feet but it always feels uncomfortable. Does anyone have any suggestions on a comforatbale run for a set of steps employing a step and landing rather than traditional steps where the run is about a foot?
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    probably about 2-3 feet including step cap and paver landing.....
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    Check a run of about 30"-36" for comfort. You should be able to get full steps while on the landing in a comfortable average stride. The rise will also affect the stride and therefore the best depth to the tread. For longer landings, multiples of the 30"-36" depth are typical.

    How will the steps be distributed with the landings?

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    here is the formula we use =twice the rise plus the tread should equal 26 inches ex. a 6inch rise x 2 plus a 14 inch tread = 26
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    I thought this was gonna be a recipe for some slow acting explosive!:rolleyes:

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