Stitch me up!


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A 7:30 this morning I was moving my hedge trimmer attachment(brand new) for my Stihl FS-85. The cutter blade guard was on. I bumped my knee on the end of it and got a deep cut. The blade sticks out about 1 inch passed the guard. I wrapped my knee up and went out cutting. Riding the mower was no problem. But when I started to walk around trimming, blood was streaming out all over my leg. Got to the ER and it was still bleeding at 1:15 when the band-ade came off. 3 stitches closed it up. I'm going to sent Stihl pictures of my trimmer attachment showing the blade sticking out past the guard and a copy of my ER visit. I lost work Friday from rain and today from injury.:mad:


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Some days it does not pay to get out of bed. Do take the pictures and ask for compensation to the tune of the ER visit and days profits. All they can say is NO.



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bob--the hedger is not operator proof. you goofed. hopefully there will be no infection.

my echo hedger has ate me up three times. each time I learn a little more!



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Bob: My Stihl FS-85 hedge trimmer gave me 5 stitches on the
knee cap. It has the single side blades that are over
an inch apart so you can get a couple of fingers in
there. You should have seen my employee's face when I
walked out of the emergency room and said, "let's get
back to work". He thought we were getting the day off.


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I can still remember those days.... One thing after another. I also do tree work (climber). I was up a tree that went at an angle. I cut into it and everything went as planned except when the back of it ripped down and grabbed my safety line and threw me into the tree. The guy on the ground said he looked up and he saw the tree goin back and forth and me goin back and forth. My face had a battle scar and my ribs progressivly got sorer and sorer so i had to make a visit to the doc and get ex rays. It could have been worse Im very lucky that my spikes didnt kick out or i probably would have been dangling from the tree.

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