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Stocking Service Trucks...

Tony Clifton

LawnSite Senior Member
North Carolina
Do any of you have a standard stock of parts that you keep stocked on your service truck or do you just shoot from the hip?
We are putting together a spreadsheet of all of the parts and minimum quantities that are required on our truck at all time. So far we are up to 107 items and counting, we are sure there will be things that we realize should be stock that we are not on the list yet.


LawnSite Fanatic
I started that at one time and then just never finished. It's a good idea, but so is keeping a truck clean, always having the right parts and tools, always scheduling the most efficient routes, etc. We all have great intentions and then when the rush hits, everything gets thrown out the window.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Near Raleigh NC
we have every bin in the trucks labeled so we know where everything is supposed to be.

i bought one of those brother p-touch labelers, lazer on 3/4" wide tape so its
easy to read.
I had a list like that once.......the list was only as good as the guy updating it......

When I had 4 techs.....1 of them would get it right...the other 3 would buy whatever the frig they wanted....

Hence all the fittings....and misc crap I still have left over after that business sold....sigh.
That is somehing that I would like to have...

But its still kind of hard when you are dealing with 4 different sizes of poly, 5sizes of PVC, and 3 sizes of copper, plus what ever other mess you can get your self into.

Tony Clifton

LawnSite Senior Member
North Carolina
Here is what we have compiled so far. I have not organized the list itself yet, once I get everything on it, I will break it into sections, such as fittings, adhesives, nozzles, valves, etc.
Well I tried uploading it, but do not know how.....it is an excel file, and when I tried uploading it said invalid file.

Mike Leary

LawnSite Fanatic
The important part of a service truck is keeping the crap removed from jobs
from getting back into the inventory & re-using something that's junk; my
guys have sure done it with solenoids!