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richard,<br>I buy value stocks, and time the market for corrections. You pay short term capital gains tax but keep hitting the 10-20% gains and out.<p>I tried the long term approach, doubled my money on AMTD and CPQ, only to watch it go away. Short term approach works for me now.<p>I Dont play Funds or shorting or buy on margin. Good Luck.


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It's an IRA!<p>You can only put in 2000.00/year, 4000 with your spouse and you don't take it out until 59+.<p>I started when I was 24 and our IRA's have done well, but it's still too little money to buy individual stocks. <p>Buy funds, you pay the fund management +/- 1% to pick and trade those stocks for you. You think you can beat these top fund managers over 30+ years? I doubt it.<p>Don't get me wrong, I do have an ameritrade account that I trade with, especially during the off-season, but I leave my retirement with professionals.<p>American, Janus, Kemper, Franklin Templeton and other fund families are all good investments.


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Phillip Morris; They own Kraft foods, Miller Brewing, And of course they mfg. cigarettes. They also purchased Nabisco Foods just this week. Also look at municipalities.


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Stocks in an IRA are an accounting nightmare (or so I have been told). For IRA stick with mutual funds, type will depend on your age and risk tolerance. The closer to retirement, wisdom dictates the more conservative the investment. Myself, I have 25 years before I can touch my IRA so its divided among global funds and aggressive growth funds. <p>Bill

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I recommend an Index fund for retirement. Janus Funds are also great performers. <p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida

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