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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by mowermankevin, May 8, 2008.

  1. mowermankevin

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    Ya know this isn't even my stuff,and it makes me so mad, it's not like fuel ain't high enough,customers aren't cutting back on work, but to have some sorry a@@ SOB steal a whole load of what it takes your guys to make a living with,forget politics,forget race,gender,etc... if you could have seen the calamity this caused, and is causing,it makes you sick. These folks work there guts out, and to have it all taken away, I don't know what to say, were scrambling to put peices of equipment back together, the crew is wondering how their going to get a week of work, I just don't know anymore.
  2. Mrs. H

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    I hear ya'.

    It makes you even madder when it IS your stuff that is stolen. Chainsaws and weedeaters walk off our trailer at least twice a year. And these are the tools we feed our children with. Everytime we replace one, it cuts into my net income.

    Your right, it makes me physically sick it happens. Like a big pit opens in your stomach.

    Hope some of the stuff gets recovered quickly for you!
  3. mowermankevin

    mowermankevin LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks Ms. H, so far the truck was recovered in a mobile home park when the manager thought it was suspicious,I suppose the rest of the stuff is in new hands after the weekend flea-markets, by the way the ignition was popped and the keys were in the ash tray when the truck was returned, so I guess the dudes were going to make profit no matter who the owners or what it took to get away,pitiful just pitiful.
  4. thomsoutdoor

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    A reminder that for those who buy hot equipment are just as guilty as those who stole it.
  5. 1cooltreeguy

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    Dang - that is sick, we are putting trailer locks on - we had a guy that just started a tractor business and thieves backed into his yard and hooked up and took off with a brand new tractor and trailer.....OUCH
  6. Scagguy

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    I have signs on my trailers that says...."Attention steal, you die. Any questions"? So far so good. No one has attempted to take my equipment since I bolted those signs on the trailers.
  7. nemow

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    I have a crappy lock on my garage with a sticker next to it that says NRA (armed citizen) And a sensor light for better sight picture.
  8. magbarn

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    I see you still live in a "free state" like Tex where it's still quite easy to get a concealed permit and carry a piece. A commie place like "The People's Republik of Kalifornia" is an entirely different story... I just can't get the wife to move though...

    I don't really believe in Karma, but I hope the thieves get what's coming to them...

    Equipment theft happens quite often here. I've even been offered equipment before while I was working. Not being racist, but it's usually guys who don't speak English very well. You can also see top-of-the-line stuff being sold sometimes here in the saturday flea markets
  9. Mowingman

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    from Texas
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    Do you have a list to post, of the stolen items. They could possibly show up around here at a pawn shop, or someone might bring one of them into our repair shop.
  10. jkason

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