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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by muddstopper, Aug 5, 2008.

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    I got a call this morning from my fellow employees asking where I was at. I replied Im putting on my clothes. You aint in the truck? No!, Well then someone stole it. Sure enough, I put my britches on and go to the motel parking lot and all thats there was broken glass. I called my boss and told him I had some bad news and some good news. Whats the bad news, someone stole the truck. Omy my god!, what are we going to do?. Whats the good news, They stole the truck. He didnt think it was funny, but i couldnt help but laugh. I had been trying to get them to replace that truck for 2 years. It was a piece of junk. Motor runs hot, frontend worn out, Tranny doesnt shift right, had to roll the windows down to open the drivers door. It was a 97 F350 4door pickup. I wont miss it at all. I will miss the tools in the tool box, and the 100gal diesel fuel tank and new pump. Our equipment got broke into twice last year within three weeks. Stole all the tools the first time, replaced the tools and they stole them all again the second time. Boss said, put tools in truck and keep them locked up there, well that worked out really well. Guess where all the tools where last nite! In the truck!!!! I told the police if they caught the thief to get my tools back, but let him keep the truck. I know this isnt really funny and I shouldnt make light of the situation, but it wasnt my truck and I hated the darn thing. Losing all the hand tools sucks, especially since I had the only prototype hose removal tool every made and it probably cant/wont be replace. Didnt even get to test it to see how it worked. The guys that have it now wont even be able to figure out what it does. Poor bastards werent very smart anyways, all those new cars and pickups in the parking lot and they steal a wornout, beatup, very dirty, work truck.

    Worse part was dealing with the boss, and his boss and his boss, talking to the county police and the railroad police. Spent all day on the phone and ran the batteries down in the cell phone. At least they rented me a 2005, 2500 chevy to drive. I was supposed to get a new truck the first of next year, hopefully I will get it a little early.
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    That sucks!!!!
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    That does suck, oh well like you said maybe you will get a good one now!
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    you know it aught to be like the old west ,they hung horse thieves ,they deprived a man of their lively hood and some time's his life !!!!!!!!!
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    Ouch, sounds like an inside job to me. Someone knew where the tools were every time!!!
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    does seem kinda fishy the tools gettin stolen everytime!!
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    Its not a inside job. You must understand that we are dealing with construction equipment with limited places to park at quiting time. This equipment is only seen on railroad tracks and doesnt have rubber tires or even a stirring axle. You have to place the machines in rail sideings beside the main rail line. These sideing are usually in undesireable areas, with poor or no lighting. These areas are also usually the homes to the homeless, gangs and druggies. The thieves dont know what is inside the cabs of the equipment and break in hopeing to make a little drug money. Usually the biggest lost is in the repairing the damage done when they break out the windows. Even this time except for the truck the total cost of the tools lost would be only a few hundred dollars to replace. The railroads have equipment all over the country and this type of theif is pretty common all over.

    With the riseing cost of scrap steel, people are walking the railroad track with buckets picking up old spikes, bolts and anything else that isnt nailed down. The railroads police force are staying at scrap yards and arresting them as they try to unload the scrap. They caught 6 I know of yesterday at different scrapyards. Scrapyards cant buy railroad scrap from anybody without documentation and are required by law to report any person trying to sell them railroad materials. Of course if the scrap is placed in the trunk of a old car, then the scrap dealers dont see it and dont report it.

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    well that sucks
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    Got the truck back this morning. It had been crashed . Estimate was for $11009.04 to repair the truck. The truck was located about a mile from where it was stolen. They had crashed thru a chainlink gate of a abandoned factory, done donuts in the parkinglot, hitting every thing in site, drove it inside the building and parked it beside another stolen vehicle. The good news is they didnt steal the tools. All they took was a motorola mobile radio, that they cant even sell or use, and a rechargeable flashlite, and they left the charger for that. At anyrate, we removed the fuel tank and tool box out of the back and placed in a rental truck this morning and I'm in better transportation that I was before the theif.
    Life is good.

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