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    Stolen of a job site in 1836 Welch Road Apopka Florida Monday January 26th 2009 Orange County Sheriff case number 09-9005.

    STIHL HL 100-KFA Serial number # 261069983. Trimmer needs a new head and some other minor work.

    Description of thieves two white males avg age 22 or so one has short blond hair goes by the name of mike. Driving a Chevy late model S-10 Pick up truck. They descize them self's as tree guys. to get a look at what they can steel.

    All pawn shop's in Apopka Fl have bee alerted to what happed and given Orange County case number.

    If you know this person there is a reward for his address,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Stoner bashing time.Turn him in a collect any thing from movie tickets too a publix gift cert valued at $ 50.00 or a cert from your fav restaurant
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    Damn! I know Apopka pretty well, use to live in Rock Springs! Depending on the area of Apopka you just never know! I hope you find the losers......

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    Well if you have moved from there. It is a good thing they had several breakins down there as Monday of this week. this one lady went out around 9 am came back at 10 am , then left again came back mins later to see 2 guys leaving her house from the back area. My buddy works for the sheriff's office up here and he said it is getting bad in burglary area.

    I have been looking at house for about a year now and this area is just well i will not say.It is still full of red necks even after 25 years you would think the people up here would get a life.
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    man, everytime I pass this thread title it makes me stop thinking the whole town was stolen.. this is when you realize you spend to much time on here. haha

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