Stolen bad boy outlaw stander

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by CraigPLC, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. PicturePerfectLawns

    PicturePerfectLawns LawnSite Gold Member
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    On a serious note, best of wishes go out to you, that sucks. How many hours were on that mower?
  2. JimQ

    JimQ LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Freakin Thieves! :angry:

    I feel for you man. I remember when you got that thing a few years back. Grrrrr. Good luck!

  3. stonebridge

    stonebridge LawnSite Senior Member
    Male, from NEW PALESTINE IN
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    I will watch out here on Indiana for ya
  4. CraigPLC

    CraigPLC LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Everyone!
  5. John Deere 05

    John Deere 05 LawnSite Member
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    Will keep my eyes open in Owosso Michigan as well. good luck.

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