Stolen Blowers in Detroit

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Metro Lawn, May 17, 2010.

  1. Metro Lawn

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    Stolen equipment again. I had 3 backpacks stolen from my trailer today while on a job. Enclosed trailer with locks. He could not cut through my new locks, so he cut the hasps with bolt cutters. One of my guys saw him as he went back for the trimmers and he jumped in his car and took off down Jefferson. I wish I would have caught him. I am so sick of this crap. Anyways, I lost 2 Tanaka and 1 RedMax backpack blowers. All have METRO and phone number engraved on housing, inside air filter cover, and on bottom frame. (subject: black male driving purple Stratus with no plate) This happened in the area of E. Jefferson & Mt. Elliott in downtown Detroit.
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  3. DJ Contracting

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    I'll keep an eye out for you up here to see if any show on Craigslist
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  4. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    While we are at it I had a 2 week old Redmax stick edger stolen this weekend. Happened in waterford.

    These thieves are getting outta hand. I did the pawn shop round and they all told me to check the flea market.
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  5. bel-nor

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    This is a bad problem and its getting worst. I haven't been hit yet but try to keep a list of all your equipment ie. brand, serial#, model and personal markings you put on the equipment yourself. Always keep this list with you or in your cell phone. Report the theft to the local police and have the stolen items entered into their data base then follow-up with the police (detectives) on any progress. Call them don't wait for them to call you it's their job. The Pawn Shops are for of the cheapie equip. but when you see high end commercial equip. it is probably stolen. Make a list and mark your equipment..your cell# is a good locator for the police or decent pawn shop owner.
  6. mowerdude777

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    That sucks I know how this is I had most of my handhelds stolen last year I will keep an eye on craigslsit
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    we live on a long path driveway but u can still see the house and driveway from the front near the road. there is a dirt drive that goes right along the side of my house/driveway. The neighbor came over today and told me that she let the dog out at 2am last night and saw sum1 standing at the top of the dirt path looking down at our houses. sure enough i walked up there this a.m. and there were 5 cigarette butts on the ground in the same place exactly where she said the person was. 5 cigs! im guessing that means sum1 is staking my trailer/equipment out. the other neighbor had stuff taken from his shed the other night so i am being extra careful as i dont have extra room in the garage for my trailer/mowers. i bought a lock for the trailer hitch, and all i can do is chain the mowers to each other real tight. I have my Pitbull tied to my trailer out there who usually sleeps in the bed with me, and is probably wondering why the hell he has to stay outside right now. lol sux havin to worry about this kinda thing. its weird cuz we were just talkin about this kinda thing with the "gas theif thread" sorry u lost ur equipment man....probly some g-dog gangsta w/out a job yo! doesnt suprise me one bit that it was a black male w/out a license plate either lol
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  8. Metro Lawn

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    Just had the replacements stolen on Thursday, along with a Red Max edger and a Kaw trimmer. All items engraved on multiple areas with METRO and phone number. I am getting pretty sick of this. $3000+ in less than a month and both doors damaged on my new enclosed trailer. Might as well leave it unlocked and put a bow on it and let them have it. At least I won't have the damage on the trailer.
  9. davis45

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    wow, I would be furious! Nothing worse than a damn thief!!

    I know you have many trucks and trailers...did this happen to the same trailer both times?
  10. ajslands

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    john, why dont you buy some cameras.. and put an one of your trailers out (emptied of course) and have the side door opened a little bit to bati them back, then you can see who is doing it! your yard is fenced it right? because if not, this could be part of the problem. also maybe consider putting one of those battery powered alarms on your trailer doors, (they make a realy loud noise) and that might scare them off. or put barbbed wire on your fence. or if you were realy self inclined into finding these lowlifes, then you could put those little gps trackers on all your equipment. just some suggestions.

    oh and i didn't post this via mobile device :D

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