stolen br 600!!!

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by fatguy28, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. alexschultz1

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    or takes out his right arm so he cant squeeze the throttle. i am always waiting for the day when i go to my truck and see someone grabbing something off of it.
  2. fatguy28

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    of corse it was locked the scumbag cut the lock
  3. puppypaws

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    Stealing equipment over the past years was related to drug need, I am afraid this economy is now promoting (need for food) stealing as well.
  4. MarcSmith

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    I just did an inventory and I as well have a BR600 unaccounted for... less than 60 days old... I'd venture to say it was an inside job....but I need to ask the usual folks to see if its at home being used or was borrowed and forgot to return...

  5. demhustler

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    they like backpack blowers more than handheld or trimmers

    ...pisses off - they usually getting away with it ....

    may be small camera (like simple inexpensive computer webcam) in the cabin (rear view); one frame per second (or few seconds)?
  6. demhustler

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    in divX or windowsMedia format 2h movie 24-30 frames per sec takes 600-700MB - so 2-3 fps -20hours
    dvd quality movie - say 6GB; cheep usb port memory stick -8GB...
  7. mobileboy

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    Man I feel for ya. I went out to my truck (in my driveway) on Saturday morning and everything in it was turned upside down. I live in a very nice neighborhood, on the end of a Court, and have a street light in my front yard. I couldn't believe it. Neighbor said they heard their dogs bark at 2 AM, but assumed it was a cat or other animal in the yard.

    I forgot to lock it that night, AND forgot to take my $450 dollar Panasonic LX3 landscape camera in with me....GONE! My fault I suppose, but to the best of my knowledge, that had never happened in my area. Makes me sick to my stomach.

    I hate a thief...:cry:

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