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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by 71gearhead, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. 71gearhead

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    Is there a website for stolen construction equipment? Was given word of a Cat D-9 bulldozer, a $160K machine, available for only $20K. Supposedly it's from Indiana, it's so new the paint is still on the treads, the tracking device (?) has been removed. Ring any bells with anyone?
  2. MikeKle

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    They must be pretty brave to steal a D-9!!! I find it hard to believe someone didnt see them loading it or driving off with it? Also where would they store it knowing it is stolen, kinda hard to hide a dozer that big! If theives can remove the tracking device on equipment, whats the point of even having it in the first place? You would figure CAT would install it somewhere VERY hard to get to? I hope they find it for your sake, when you have equipment like that, any day its not out working, your loosing your ass!
  3. farmboy1285

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    Meth works wonders on ones courage and priories. When we were building our house our contractor had a bulldozer burn up on him so he was looking for a replacement for it and he noticed a newer cat track loader sitting in a field next to a trailer home. He called the number on the machine to see if he could rent it. Turns out the machine was stolen like 3 years previously for a job site like 2 states away. Long story short its not as hard as you might think to hide a dozer.
  4. John_DeereGreen

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    I've got some news for whoever posted the 160K price tag...better add a zero onto the end of's MUCH closer to a million dollar machine.

    Good luck getting it back...
  5. Jake99

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    Your dozer probably went in a warehouse somewhere to be moved later when they find a buyer. The gps won't work under a metal roof. If you was to find it, it will be with more stolen equipment. There are thieves that specialize in this kind of stuff. They knew what they were doing. Probably had look outs. They know who you are. Look around for a warehouse where they could keep it. They know about heavy equipment. How to run it. How to steal it. Be dam sure to use Google alert may find it for you. Register on that. Then set up key words for it to search for. If your property gets on craigslist, in a newpaper for sale, and more, then google alert will send you an e-mail. Many times they will even post pictures of it. Google Alert will hunt it for you. For some reason the police never tell you about this. They are NOT in the business of finding **** anyway. It could go to an auction in the next state quite easily too. And then from who knows where. It would have been a big plus for HOPE if you have put your contact information all over it. Especially in places a thief may not go but a mechanic would have went later on. You can get your local print shop to make you some stencils. You just stick em on and then go to painting. Pull the sticker off to leave your information. I am building a new website that could have helped. It is still under construction. or Might wanna keep checking on me until I get it up and running. You will be able to keep your serial numbers/pictures there so someone can connect you with the property by just the serial number.


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