Stolen Equiment - SW suburbs of Minneapolis

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by MNGroundControl, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Over the weekend some piece of S**t stole all the equipment I had locked up tight in my enclosed trailer for the winter. I have no clue how they could have got it out of where it was, but I guess you can get anything if you want it bad enough.

    If anyone has a tip on recovering equipment besides the obvious, please let me know.

    If anyone is in the area and has seen any of the equipment I have listed below, Please let me know I am offering $1,000.00 for the recovery of my equipment.

    Equipment Brand Model Serial Number/VIN
    Haulmark (Black enclosed trailer w/v-nose) TSV614D52 16HCB14148H168115
    Wright Stander (mower) WS5225KAWE 50115
    Wright Stander (mower) WS5223KAW
    Scag (mower) SWZ48-17KA 5160012
    Scag replacement 19 hr power Kawasaki engine
    Scag Velke
    Shindaiwa (trimmer) T230 91049424
    Red Max (trimmer) TR-231 80111710
    Shindaiwa (Edger) LE-260 4037005
    Echo (hedge trimmer) HC-150 S58609066722
    Red Max (Blower) EBZ8001RH
    Red Max (Blower) EBZ8050RH
    Echo (Blower) PB-60HT
    Echo (blower/Vac)
    Grass Gobbler (for Wright) WRJ300-3
    Grass Gobbler (Extension for Wright) LG1000
    Grass Gobbler (for Scag Black in color)
    Lesco Fertilizer Spreader (green)
    John Deere Push mower (electric start/self propelled)
    Rakes/Tarps/Gas cans
    Rack'em (trimmer rack)
    Rack'em (blower rack)
    Spare Parts (belts, blades, trimmer string, oil and etc.)
    Protection gear (head phones, gloves, glasses)
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    Thats sucks.

    I'm on Craigslist all of the time, and generally go to all the local lawn auctions. If I happen to come across anything I will let you know. I'm in Shakopee, where did this happen at?
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    Good grief that looks like the whole kit and kaboodle.
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    Hope all that was insured!
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    Thieves suck! We operate on cape cod and scumbags are running around stealing everything they can get their hands on.
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