Stolen equipment has it happened to you?

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Bennett scape, May 14, 2008.

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    I like the beware of dog sign and the Alsatians. a good deterrent if you ask me. beautiful dogs as well.
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    I've been hit twice over the last 8 yrs, Both times I've had my trimmer and backpack blower taken and one of the times my chainsaw went also. Both times the stuff was recovered the next day at a local pawn shop by the PD. The detectives go every few days around here to the pawn shop and have a recovery rate of 83%. Everything was checked out by my local dealer after I got them back with nothing but the engine cage on the blower broken.
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    I had 3 WB mowers and a trailer so new it wasnt even insured all stolen............

    and the guy that took the stuff to his house didnt call me untill 10 am!

    Oh yeah, employees suck

    Wonder why I am solo?
  6. TomberLawn

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    A detective that goes to my church said that a thief will steal anything, no matter how good it's locked up, but he doesn't want to take so much time that he gets caught. My locks are mainly a deterrent to make scum look elsewhere. Thieves just really upset me. They are about as worthless as a person can get, especially if they hurt somebody in the process of taking what doesn't belong to them. Our society has gotten so soft on crime that crooks don't even care. Charlotte is pretty close to me and they are having a lot of crime problems and citizens are demanding more police on the streets, but the police are doing their jobs. They keep catching the same crooks over and over again because the courts let them back out on the streets.
  7. ACA L&L

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    we had all of our stuff stolen from a warehouse/storage facility last year.

    5 stihl trimmers with all the attachments for each one. (hedger, saw,weed eater)
    2 bluebird aerators
    1 powerake buebird
    2 chaainsaws stihl
    5 toro 21 " prolines
    fert/roundup/pre emergent/speedzone
    4 stihl blowers
    all my tools.

    they left the crow bar used to peel door back.
    2 employees didnt show that day. cops filed report with serial numbers never heard back.
    I immedietly tarcked the two employees down dog the bounty hunter style. didnt find one piece of equipment.

    I had my trailer at house with my walker and two prolines and a new blower and weed eater. I worked late and instaed of taking it back i just went straight home. The other trailers were left untouched but empty at well as the trucks.

    at least 10gs...........and still no sign of anything. I have since replaced everything for the most part scaled the operation down, oh yeah the insurance company cut me a check for 3gs. not even close to what was taken.
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    I've been hit twice ... both times they backed up a truck to my house and took stuff !! They second time they had maximum kahuna's, they cut trhough 2 steel chains and stole my lawn tractor ... that means they had to have backed up not only a truck, but a trailer, to haul it off !!
  9. ken gustafson

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    Messages: 237 has happened to me. I am doing everything that I can to slow it down. Personally I have stopped the theft of my own stuff. And now I am trying to help others. No sound system is big enough to get the attention needed. 10 BILLION in trailers stolen in 2004....15 BILLION in 2006....just in the USA. The attention is ONLY worth while when it is your stuff and it is gone. Law enforcement is way to busy with important events to actually work on anything like missing trailers and equipment....AND insurance companies.... it is even easier to just raise rates than to entertain...ANY....other options. and still working on other locks. Ken
  10. Well,

    We opened a office in Hot Springs AR this year and I am running this end of it and my dad is running our Mississippi office now.

    He hired a young man to run one of our crews that was doing well and came with a great recomondation from one of our subs.

    After working for us for about 3 weeks he worked on a saturday while my dad was out of town. He dropped of his help and left with a

    1995 Ford F350 Crew Cab long wheelbase and a 16' trailer with 2' expanded metal sides. 2 Honda comercial push mowers, and misc string trimmers and blowers.

    Nothing has been located as of yet

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