Stolen equipment in birimingham,mi

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    Well this week we are finally going to be finishing up the clean ups and went out in my garage to get everything filled up with gas and ready for tomorrow to notice all of my handhelds are gone.

    Two stihl ms 261 chainsaws
    Two Stihl HS 45 Hedgers
    Shindaiwa t282,t231-t242 and a t281
    Redmaz 29cc edger and trimmer
    Redmax ebz8050 backpack blower
    18v Dewalt 1/2" impact driver
    Exmark Bagger
    Redmax Reciprocator

    Thankfully everything is insured and i have a backpack blower left that was at my gf's and my billy goat blower was there as well so the clean ups should be finished this week, but make sure your stuff is locked up and the area your equipment is in is well lit outside.

    I forgot to lock my garage for the first time in awhile and look what happens. Almost 4.5k worth of equipment gone.
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    Sorry to hear that man, its good that insurance has your back. Someone saw 2 people snooping around my truck parked outside a couple nights ago so i've been making sure the garage is shut and locked everynight now. Hope you get equipment replaced smoothly tho!
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    Hmmm i would be checking out yur neighbors and employees/ ex-employees.
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    I got home at midnight and was in the garage until 3am last night cleaning up and making new shelves for everything so everything would fit in the garage for winter(both JD's, and my truck and plow. I woke up a 7 am this morning and left my house around 9 to do some tree work. Family was home all day. So it had to have happened in that window.

    I hope insurance covers it all. Everything was brand new or in brand new condition bought this year in the spring to become more efficient and less breakdowns(ontop of getting stuff stolen this spring)

    I will be installing wireless security cameras in the garage and on the second story of my house to survaillance all areas around my garage,linked with my ipad and iphone and able to view from any where with internet connection. It will hav a2 TB Hard drive storage for up to one year in memory.I am going to set it up to delete every 120 days so i wont run out of room. I have been robbed twice in the last 6 months. Its time to start being smart and secure everything the proper way and i guess that means cameras, dead bolts, and motion detectors.(which should have been installed anyway from the start with 30k of loose equipment in there)
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    That sucks!

    You may have a hard time collecting insurance on it though since your stuff was not locked up. Usually insurance companies require that you take "reasonable measures" to protect the insured from loss due to theft/vandalism. Since there was no "breaking and entering" I wouldn't be surprised if they declined's really up to them, but usually they dig up everything they can that's in fine print to find a reason to deny coverage.

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    employees have all been called, and warned. one of my Neighbors got their golf clubs stolen last night as well and about 2 weeks ago another neighbor got a cheap lawn mower stolen and two electric trimmers stolen. Seems like our area is being watched
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    Here's the deal. The first one the insurance company is likely to suspect of the theft is you...yes, you. You have the means and the financial motive to take the equipment, sell it, pocket the cash and then file a claim for it. I'm in no way saying that's the case, but that's the way they usually see it. If you haven't already filed a police report I would do that immediately. But it wouldn't surprise them that you'd file a false police report, since after all you're committing insurance fraud're the criminal, not the victim in their eyes. Sorry to say but this is how it usually works.

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    I callled the police the first ten minutes when i noticed the equipment gone. The detective came and asked me about 15 quetsions of where my last where abouts where and how i noticed the equipment gone. He actually was a landcsaper himself. He saw my New to me 1979 john deere 400 and my John deere 116 im parting out and selling on ebay in the garage and we spent a little over and hour talking landscaping and business.

    I have a police report on file and already contacted my insurance agent. The total amount stolen was $4,489.95 if i had to go out and buy all the equipment right now at weingartz. My insurance agent sent me a stolen item form to fill out which lists each piece of equipment stolen, serial numbers, what i paid and what it is worth brand new. I have all of the recipts and all the serial's for everything. The police have that list as well.

    I emailed him the list this afternoon and he said it should be around a week for the appraiser to call around and see the prices of the replacement equipment. then i will get a check to me, less the depreciation of the equipment. After i get the check cut, it will be normally 10% less than the retail of the equipment. IF i want to go out and buy it all brand new, i can save my recipts and send them in to my insurance agent and they will reimburst me the price i had to pay for each individual piece of equipment.

    Thankfully i have a great insurance agent and company.
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    Glad to hear things appear to be going well. It really can go much differently and often does.

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    glad to have a great insurance provider. If anyone is looking for a good commercial insurance company.

    Grange insurance out of Ohio is one of the best. Affordable, and coverages is #1.

    I got my insurance check today.

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