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    On March 29th in the early am hours my box truck and trailer were both broken into . They cut through the arm that swings over into the latch with one snip of what had to be a 6 foot pair of bolt cutters. Either way they took a hefty amount of handheld equipment.. This was in west palm beach florida.. Seems this type of stuff happens every spring. I had a variety of brands from stihl ,redmax,shidaiwa,echo.
    And apparently Southern Lawn Equipment was hit the same night as me.
    These have to be pro's.. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    I had my trailers broken into 3 times in june. Once at the storage yard in fortlauderdale then twice on the job in the middle of the day. 1 in Davie at a trailer park then again 2 days later at another trailer park in Dania Beach all 3 times only 2cycle equipment stolen total about 13k stolen. Lawn service for sale I am done with south Florida anyone interested please let me know gross around 300k per year 6 employees 3 trailers and all the equipment. 4 riders,3 walk behind and about 7k in 2cycle no trucks 100K cash all yours

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