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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by SC Irrigator, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Whats the worst thing you have had stolen from you in the past??

    mine is when we decided to leave a truck on a jobsite....we had just hired a new employee and this guy was a great worker...worked harder than anyone that we had....hadnt been with us but for about 2 months...well we left one of the trucks with equipment ....well the guy didnt show up for work the next day....we went to the job and our trailer, dingo, all attachments, truck cleaned out...everyone that was worth anything was gone....that was the first and last time we ever did heres the kicker...he stole it and dragged it behind a little car and the homeowner came out and helped him load up the stuff b/c the guy said " the boss wants me to move all the equipment to another jobsite"....

    i cant believe a homeowner was that dumb...logics would be that he would have a key for the truck and not a CAR to move the stuff...we ended up finding the guy and he confessed the same day....he had taken it to a chop house....and he said that he would take us there....we called the cops and an umarked car followed us w/ him there w/out him knowing....the guy had sold it for like $275 too....the guy at the chop house said that he was fixing to dig a trench for some gutters or something .....

    that was an interesting day.....had insurance but that was beside the point......some people are idiots.....they guy went to jail for like a year or something.....also he called last season and asked if he could have his job back lol

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