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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by kdkg, Jun 1, 2008.

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    Some scumbag got me today. First thing ever stolen. Whoever it was took a 6 gal gas can off the trailer fender. I kept it in a milk crate. The damn thing was full too. Live and learn but if I would have caught them there probably would have been handcuffs for me. I will now put a lock and chain on the cans. The bastards left my BR400 and a string trimmer as well as the 2 cycle gas cans. Oh well. I hope he burns himself with it.
  2. ATL Lawn

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    next time do this

    buy 2 brand new SHINEY gas cans (FILLED WITH WATER, add some yellow/greenish food color).
    spill a SMALL amout of gas on the car (just so they smell like gas) i mean really just a few drops

    put them right next to your truck, and put them out at EVERY JOB SITE... matter of fact leave them pretty much in the street, VERY obvious

    and just SMILE when they are stolen...

    i do this all the time..
    its SOOO FUNNY, when we come back to the truck and they are gone..

    plus its a detur for the crook to steal my real stuff.
    cause they so happy thinking they just got away with the gas
  3. ATL Lawn

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    damn it looks like you beat me to this story..

    i dint read all the post, before i posted my story. lol
  4. kdkg

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    I got 2 100 pound dogs in the back yard. Wish I had the yard going all the way around the house.

    I got locking caps today, turns out quite a few vehicles have been hit in my neighborhood. One of my neighbors caught them at work the other night and when she challanged them, they said they were working on a friends vehicle. She said "I don't think so" and they took off running. Lucky she didn't get hurt.

    The caps will only keep the lazy away, but it is better than nothing. On my flatbed truck, quick removal of a hose clamp and hose - they have open access to my tank.

    IMG_1721 (Small).JPG
  5. landscaper22

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    Yes, you have the right idea.....however, I would add some sugar to the mix of gas and water....You know, just to make it a little "Sweeter". :laugh:
    I think we should all have a decoy can like that.

    Hint: Label the can in some way so you don't use it...The way my mind is, I would be the one to use the bad mixture.
  6. CrewKut

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    I don't think there is a need to color or camouflage the the water. You can fill a can with water that has had gas in it and it will still smell like the gas (water should be odorless). As for the color, are they really going to look at it? I don't think so. Once that spout hits their tank they will drain the can. If you leave a couple of ounces of gas in the can before filling with water, then if they do look inside they will only see the gas.

    A shop I used to work at had a fork lift that ran on gas. We used to keep a 5 gal. can filled and stashed on the loading dock (which was accessible even after hours), all the employees knew about it. Several times I found the can was empty, but I knew that the fork lift didn't get it. So, I filled it again to make sure, and placed it in it's hiding spot. Sure enough, the next morning it was empty. I filled it again, this time with water, and put it back. Empty again the next morning. We also had one employee call in and said he couldn't make it in that day. He was having car problems. :cry:

    After that, I found a new hiding spot for the gas. I did however, keep the water filled decoy in the old spot. The best part is that while his car was in the shop the following week, he was getting a ride everyday from another employee. He must have offered to put some gas in his buddie's car, because the can came up missing and the buddie's car died and they both missed a day of work. The shop had a strict attendance policy and because he had so many unexcused absences in a short period of time, he was let go. I don't know if he ever figured it out.

    Like Landscaper22 said, just make sure you don't fall victim to your own prank!

  7. fixer67

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    I stopped watching "Myth Busters". They "proved" false too many thing I know for a fact are ture. I have done things my self that I know work and they said it was false. I think they "prove" a lot of stuff to keep other people from trying it. The show is a joke.
  8. genesgreen

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    Read an article about out in California them bandits are pumping diesel from tanks on the farms and getting away with it. Farmers are already hurting with energy prices it's too bad they have to deal with this too. Stories of the crooks even torching through the locks on the diesel tanks (seems dangerous to me) and they break through fences, barriers, the whole nine just to get in there and steal the fuel. It's really too bad.

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