Stolen in St. Louis - Stihl BR600 & FS 94R

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by ColliCut Land Mgmt, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. ColliCut Land Mgmt

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    Had a trimmer and blower stolen off my trailer today. Stihl FS 94R and BR600 Magnum. The trimmer was about 4-5 months old, the blower was about 10 months old. I can post serial numbers if someone comes across them "for sale" somewhere.
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  3. twomancrew

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    I'm a little North, I'll notice an fs94 if I come across one and will remember ya.

    My wheel and tire were taken right off my truck 3 weeks ago. It was left on a jackstand!?! Couldn't believe it. At first I thought someone I knew did it to try to get me going.:cry:
  4. chefj

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    Check in Ferguson......
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    I got a trimmer and blower ripped off in Fenton, Mo.

    cable and locks....I have 5 one acre (average) properties at one stop, the driveway I can park at is long and trees border the driveway. I'm out of site for an hour or so.

    I've heard from a few other lawn companies in the area that out of work mechanics are going around stealing these items and using them for the cheap repair ads you see on CL, backpage, and just to sell as parts....they can fix a trimmer or blower for cheap since they have all the parts for free.......Of course this is a rumor, but heard it from a few reputable companies... I filed a police report, notified pawn shops and check out CL, but I'm never going to see them again....I actually believe the rumor and the equipment is stripped and gone.

    To the other poster, Ferguson isn't as bad as the news makes it sound. The looters, etc weren't from Ferguson, they were from the slums, and from out of state. Out of all the arrests from looting only a few were actually from Ferguson. I know it was meant to add humor, but this is how assumptions and ignorance breeds.
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    I seen a blower for sale thinking was on Craig list Thinking was StL section look really new looking

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