Stolen Isuzu NPR and all equipment in ATL

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Maxham_farms, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Maxham_farms

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    I also had my truck and ALL equipment stolen. Happened Aug. 1 on Old Powers Ferry Rd in Sandy Springs. Stolen were 2 tru cut C27 reel mowers, 1 exmark turf tracer 52"/23hp, 1 exmark metro 26, 1 honda junk mower, redmax edger, weedeater and stihl pole hedge trimmers, also 2 solo backpack sprayers, 2 redmax 8001 blowers and 1 stihl br600. Also took 2 cellphones in the glove box. Police did nothing nor did I expect them to...been robbed many times. Nobody cares. Same situation though, black dudes, really dirty looking, stole the truck. Truck was found the next day off Cascade Rd with door open and engine running.

    Since this last theft, I have talked with several others who have been robbed the same way...a couple have been violent. Seems to be a ring and fairly organized too.

    I would think the turf tracer would be fairly easy to spot...the brake lever broke off and had been welded back on and the mower deck has one bracket on it from the old striping kit. I sure do miss that mower. Had insurance but only $10000 worth.. Got the truck back and am happy about that as it is paid for. if anyone has any it here Thanks, Dan
  2. nlminc

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    Sorry to hear that. I'm sure you've looked on Craigs List for the equipement right?

    I've been starting to take my keys out of my box truck along with my phone when I'm working on a property. Theft has been running very high with the economy running in the gutter.
  3. Maxham_farms

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    Yeah, I have looked on craigslist and ebay. Be careful out there. We are sure they were watching us. We think they may have followed us around and learned our route. We have since changed it up and are paying more attention to strange people and trucks. My truck was stolen from one of the nicer areas in Atlanta. I am guessing a 1.5 million dollar house. Truck was in the driveway as Old Powers Ferry Rd is fairly busy. These guys are bold and not afraid.....
  4. Tadams

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    I hate to hear that! I had all of my Stihl 2 stroke equipment stolen back during the summer out of my box truck while it was backed in beside my garage at my house. It was about 15 feet from my bedroom. They got it during the night while I was sleeping. We got lucky and got all of it back about a month later. The police got a tip about someone stealing electric cable out of houses and went and investigated it. They found tons of wire and an enclosed trailer (stolen) full of 2 stroke stuff. We had already replaced all of the equipment ($2600.00) but at least we will not have to buy that equipment for another truck next year. Hopefully you will have similar luck and get your stuff back.
  5. supercuts

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    only $10k insurance for equiptment??? that doesnt make much sence, i think im at $50k
  6. Maxham_farms

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    Really only interested in insuring the Turf tracer and one reel mower. I have increased my insurance to $20000 though....When you buy this stuff over time, you don't realize how much you have invested.

    My deductible is $1000....have to pretty much steal all of my hand tools to justify using insurance for that. Usually when we have stuff stolen, it is 2 blowers, or the weedeater and edger, or just the gas shears. Never had the whole truck stolen and lost everything at once. No worries though, we have long since replaced our equipment. The new equipment is actually an more redmax stuff...Soo, it makes sense to me, it is not my first day.....
  7. razor1

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    I hope they catch these guys. Do/did you ever leave the keys in the truck?
  8. kleankutslawn

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    sorry to here that.what 2 cycle did you go with this time?
  9. txgrassguy

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    I have ALL of my equipment insured for replacement value, not fair market value.
    That way if anything is nabbed, the max I am out is my deductible of $500.00.
    Falls under an Inland Marine Coverage and if you do not specify replacement value the insurer automatically goes with fair market value.
    Cost differential was less than $120/year for over $185K worth of equipment.
  10. gene gls

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    Put a master kill switch some where that its not visiable.

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