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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Champion31, Sep 23, 2008.

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    I haven't posted on here before, but I've been around.

    Today, Tuesday, around 10:30 AM, my guys were finishing blowing some condos in Atlanta and they saw 2 "fishy" subjects parked near the landscape truck and one of the guys was peeing in the woods nearby. Unfortunately, they didn't even think that they were scouting out the truck to steal it.

    It's a 2002 Izuzu Truck. 2 door white cab, blue-ish green (painted) cage, trimmer racks, dovetail on back with sign of Champion Yard Services.

    We're going to update later with serial numbers, equipment model numbers and more later.

    Within the past three weeks, four landscape trucks have been stolen and ended up near the Atlanta stadium stripped and parked.

    Luckily we're insured and everything should be covered, but this wastes time and money. We have some extra equipment, but we'll have to figure out what to do especially since the insurance agencies like to give the police departments 30 days to do their investigation.

    We had a Bob Cat 36'' riding mower, Snapper walk-behind, 2 stihl trimmers, 1 stihl edger, 1 large stihl hedge trimmer with extension and chain saw attachment, 1 Solo sprayer, 2 tubs of chemicals, various maintenance tools and equipment including a husky toolkit, shovels, rakes, and more.

    I'm so frustrated I can't think of everything right now and need to call more people, but I just wanted to list on here that it's stolen in case someone around Atlanta happened to see someone selling equipment like this for cheap.

    If you have any info, e-mail me at champion (dot) yard [at] yahoo (dot) com or call: seven-seven-zero four-three-one eight-four-four-two.

    Thanks for any help,

    General Manager
    Champion Yard Services
  2. Eakern & Dog

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    Where were you in Atlanta ? I lost my rig in Virginia Highlands in May. I was one of many over a period of two months. There is a theft ring going on in Atlanta.My truck was dumped off at Bankhead Hwy and I-285.Basically, the city of Atlanta detectives are worthless and will spend zero time looking for the perps. You will have to scout the pawn shops yourself for the hand tools. Tell me what you lost and I will keep an eye out . A typical spot is the Cash America Pawn on Bankhead hwy. I found my chainsaw there............with SS# scraped off but I knew it was mine because of the german shepherd hair that had collected around the chain while it was stored behind my seat. I'm sorry for your loss ! It sucks and there is not much you can do other than try to be more careful next time.
  3. Champion31

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    The guys were at Condo's near the water reclamation plant at Bolton Rd and Atlanta Rd.

    Just got the truck back minus the big equipment. I'll be updating Serial #'s as soon as I can. The truck was dumped in East Point at an abandoned house. A home owner down there figured it was out of place and called our number on it to let us know.

    We're going to pawn shops tomorrow. I've already been listing out the ones within 20 miles (and it's A LOT!). There have been 4 landscaping truck thefts that were all dumped around the same area in the last 3 weeks. These guys are planning it out.

    One of the guys said he saw the description below, but thought nothing of it.
    I'm not sure if they had a stolen car or not, but they had a Green Mitsubishi SUV. It was 2 black guys. One looked drunk.

    They ended up taking the 36'' BobCat zero Turn, older Snapper push mower (luckily the other push mowers were in the shop), 2 Stihl trimmers, 1 stihl edger, 1 large stihl hedge trimmer, and 1 small stihl hedge trimmer, 2 full gas cans, A chainsaw and some other misc stuff.

    We're installing a way better security system now where we keep the trucks because they have our address and information.

    I hope this never happens to you anyone! What a nightmare...
  4. Eakern & Dog

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    The thefts other than mine were in that area as well.......Bolton/Collier/Defoors and Northside drive area. They nabbed a tree truck about 8 months ago and some blowers about 4 months ago as well as other stuff. I think the description on that one was a Green truck and then a red truck. I had a credit card that was in my glove box and they hit gas stations all along Bolton rd and Bankhead hwy. If you get some time. Check out the area around Bankead hwy and I-285. Take Bankhead west (it becomes Veteran's Memorial Hwy) ..... there are a few landscape shops and then a lawn mower repair place on the left( 541 Veteran's Memorial Hwy) aka Mabelton Lawn Mower repair that sells used equipment as well. If you see a 48" Toro Z- rider
    Turbo Force deck let me know S#260000415. I have gut feeling that my stuff got sold off down that way.

    P.S one of the dudes that was around the area about an hour before my rig got jacked had dred locks and was real "dirty and stoned" looking. Private message me when you can and I may be able to give more info.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    sory to hear about you truck and equipment i hope you catch the jerks that stole it
  6. Chilehead

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    I feel your pain, man--had this happen to me four years ago. And then there was that whole fiasco of LCOs being held at gunpoint in Cobb County in 2006 while their loot was forcefully taken. I'll keep an eye out for your stuff. One thing I have done is place secret markers on all of my equipment. An example would be etching a personal property mark on a wheel motor for instance or placing a "CAUTION" decal in a place where the equipment manufacturer does not apply one. Thieves of this caliber never look for this stuff.
  7. Champion31

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    The Bob Cat 36'' ZeroTurn with rear catcher. S/N: 94210500782

    Stihl Edger- FC90. S/N:269333794
    Stihl String Trimmer- FS110R. S/N: 271021290
    Stihl String Trimmer-
    Stihl KombiMotor- KM110. S/N: 272972305
    Stihl Hedge Trimmer-
  8. grass2cash

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    I know exactly the place you are referring to. Those guys sell a lot of equip via Craigslist. It would probably be in your best interest to go and check the shop out. My first impression of the place was that they dealt in stolen goods. I attached a link of their latest trailer. Good luck recovering your stuff.
  9. Champion31

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    Yeah, I already went by that Mabelton Mower place. I searched some pawn shops in the area as well.

    The Mabelton Mower place does look like a place that could possible run a business off of getting stolen equipment because they have so much equipment, but we talked to the guy for about an hour and looked over all of his stuff. It wasn't there.

    He was actually pretty helpful in trying to help and contact people/places. I'm not saying I trust them 100% because he did say he has trouble with the law occasionally, but I know our equipment wasn't there. He said he buys/builds his trailers and gets a lot of his new equipment out of state for those trailers.

    I went to different pawn shops and looked around and talked around.
    Luckily, there are only 2 dealers in GA that sell the kind of Bobcat that I had. Anthony at Lost Mountain is one of them and he's only sold 3 this year.

    It's the BobCat 36'' Zero-Turn with the black rear catcher and the steering handles in-between the legs instead of out wide.

    If you spot one like it, it's probably mine. I'm sure it's in Alabama somewhere already, but I'm still going to look for everything as much as I can.

    Thanks for all the help guys! I'll keep everyone updated.
  10. Eakern & Dog

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    When I went there he was not very helpful at all. My friend and I went under the pretense of finding a good used mower and a chainsaw. Everything I looked at he kept telling me was not for sale getting repaired,etc... maybe he was too busy that day. At any rate,I hung out long enough to notice an older black F-150 pulling a trailer with a bunch of mowers on the back. Some of them were junk mowers but some were decent Hondas and Toro's. There was one exmark metro( Push) that looked decent. The truck had no tag and the trailer's tag was a piece of card board with tag numbers written on it.Needless to say, their conversation was short and the guy left but it was just plain weird in my opinion . It may have been all legit. But, I have seen his ads on craigslsit and bargain trader and sometimes his packages appear to be too cheap .He had a lot of stuff behind the shop in a fence with growling dogs .Again, he probably is legit for the most part. However, it is all too close to where the action has been taking place for me to not have doubts.

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