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    Had my 14 month old Exmark 21" commercial lawnmower stolen this past Friday. Apparently, the ass****(s) saw it sitting at the N/E corner of the church that I was doing, and came around from the west side and gently rolled
    the machine backwards and took off. I was edging further south and my friend
    was trimming large shrubs next to the building south of where the mower was sitting. The mower engine was just replaced in March under warranty. So now
    each piece of equipment is taken out of the trailer, used, and then put back under lock and key.
    My advice to everyone unless you are right next to your equipment, lock it up
    either in the trailer, or with heavy cables and locks. :realmad: :realmad:
  2. green thum

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    :angry: that sucks hate to hear about this happening to anyone,wouldn't you like to catch this sob and submit him to a little vigalante justice?
  3. tjgray

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    We just talked to one of our contractors that subs out a bunch of work to us.

    I am still in shock and filled with anger as I type this post. Our contractor informed us that sometime Saturday morning the heavy chain lock that was used to lock the shop gate was cut. The thieves then disconnected the transmissions on all 12 trucks, pushed them off of the gate where they are backed into for security. They then sliced through the hinges on the trucks and emptied them totally. Everything is freakin completely gone. The thieves even stole a large trailer to use for hauling the stuff out. They estimate the loss at 75k to 100k.

    We are talking 4 or 5 Torros, 5 or 6 Z machines, and a whole bunch of other various equipment....not to mention the damage to the truck doors from the hinges being cut.

    Our contractor is a very large company and I know insurance will take care of it. It is going to be business as usual tomorrow but it just boggles my mind.

    The two things I absolutely hate the most in this world are liars and thieves. Damn sorry crappy people who deserve to burn for their deeds.....ok I am going to stop now because it is getting harder and harder to keep the curse words from this post.

    Camera's are being installed Monday and let me close in saying that EVERYONE should monitor their equipment this way. Camera's are not very expensive these days to install. You can get them from Wallmart and install them yourselves.
  4. 128Steve

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    They stole your lawnmower at church! They won't get off lightly. Sorry for your loss.
  5. tx_angler

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    About the same time I finished putting in a 6-camera system someone dropped off a German short haired pointer/Pit bull mixed dog in my neighborhood. She took up residence at our house ands now is part of the family but sleeps outside in a doghouse on the backdoor deck (12 feet from the equipment trailer). There are motion detecting lighs on all four corners of the house that will detect a car driving past the house at night. The video security system is motion activated and sends all video to my website server in Wisconsin (I'm near Dallas) via my broadband wireless internet connection.

    I occassionally leave the equipment on the trailer in the driveway overnight but the trailer sides are four feet high and everything is cabled together and all compartments and the gate are locked. The trailer hitch has a lock on it and the trailer is cabled to my boat trailer. When I'm working, if I can't see the trailer, you can be sure everything is locked. I cut some secure government properties and even inside the fence I lock everything.

    So with all that said, I feel confident that the thieves will have to bring their lunch to get the equipment. And if the dog wakes me up they better have body armor also or there will only be one story told in court.

    Did I mention I had a truck, trailer and $16k worth of equipment stolen in 2003. The cops didn't do squat to recover any of it. I think they are way too busy handing out seat belt violations to worry about grand theft! Actually from an economic standpoint it probably makes sense for the cops; if a thief had anything of value, he probably wouldn't be a thief and if they catch one they could end up in a confrontation with someone dangerous. Much safer to stop and ticket a soccer mom for not wearing a seatbelt; she'll probably pay the ticket.

    I have absolutely no use for for a thief!
  6. ProCare Lawn Service

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    A guy I previously worked for had all of his equipment stolen in the middle of the day across from his house, which he was at. The theives backed up to the trailer, hooked up, and took off. The bad part of this story is that someone saw his stuff parked under someones shed. They called the Sherrifs office and the dispatcher said they did not work on Sunday, but they would "look" into it on Monday. Soon after someone drove by the same place and the equipment was gone. Sounds like the cops are in the ring with the thieves don't ya think? This was in a small town where most people know each other.
  7. Dashunde

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    Oh.. thats a pair of fools who are going to hell wearing gasoline underpants :cry:
  8. Jay Ray

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    They have to pay now or when they cross that river where time drops away to eternity. Easier to make restitution and pay now, but doubt they will. Nobody gets away with anything, it only seems that way.
  9. South Florida Lawns

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    A lot of times it is these punks that don't even know that the mower is an expensive commercial one. There just out there to get their hands on anything they can find. I hate when ppl do things to others that low.
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    I got 2 moniters from wally world and have 5 cameras installed. One even points to the neighbors backyard (he's always staring over so now I can look at him without him noticing. :D

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