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Stolen Propane Dixie Chopper


LawnSite Member
Webster Tx
Its been about 6 months but I didnt know about this site til now. Im in Houston and while paying a speeding ticket my truck and trailer were stolen. I recovered my truck but my trailer and brand new propane dixie chopper are still no where to be found. I just started my business and was getting going. I purchaced my equipment 1 week earlier and like an idiot was thinking my insurance I had would be good enough but come to find out it wasnt. I have rebuilt since then but it sure would be nice to find my mower. I only used it once and it was so nice!!!


LawnSite Member
Coatesville, IN
I recommend you contact the Factory with the serial number. Dixie Chopper's number is 765-246-7737 and ask for the service department. They can register it in their system as stolen and when it shows up someplace at a dealership for service notify the police.