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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by greenfire, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. greenfire

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    Friend of mine had some equipment stolen last night in New Windsor, NY.

    Salt Dog spreader (pic attached)
    Husqvarna grass trimmer
    chainsaw and demo saw

    salt dog spreader.jpg
  2. Love the Green Biz

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    Has anyone ever tried the low tech approach? A bud of mine stores his truck and trailer in a gas station parking lot on a busy main road and was hit twice for all his hand operated equipment. He went out and bought several battery proximity activated Halloween ghouls that screamed holy hell when tripped and put them in his trailer. When he tested his "alarm" his dogs would bark up a storm (he lived one block away). Long story short it was only tripped once and the perps (two neighborhood druggies) freaked out, started to run, then the lead tripped on a curb and broke both his arms in multiple places. The police took him to the hospital and charged him (and later his accomplice) and that was the last time my friend was pinched.
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