Stolen Stihl Equipment off trailer in Rex, Ga

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Geo2199, May 24, 2017.

  1. Geo2199

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    Out doing work at Rexford townhomes in Rex, Ga yesterday at 5/23/17 the locks were cut on my trailer and the following equipment was stolen.
    Stihl Km-94r with stihl kombi hedge trimmer attachment # 504215110 purchased from Jack Peeks sales in Palmetto, Ga 678-504-8584
    Stihl FC-110 edger 290014687 purchased from Fayette Mower in Fayetteville, Ga 770-461-9400
    If any of the equipment is seen on craiglist or at any local pawn shops you can reach me at 678-744-8557. Offering a cash reward. Thanks for the help.
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  2. Chilehead

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    That's awful man. I've been hit over 2 dozen times this year alone. It's all small stuff too: 5 pound trimmer spools, gas cans, pump sprayers. Once I found my mower messed with, but it didn't get taken because it was locked to my trailer. BTW, I'm in Stockbridge but work all of Henry, Clayton, and Fayette Counties. Metro Atlanta has become saturated with thieves. My plumber/electrician/hvac friends are all getting hit regularly too (vans getting broken into and cleaned out). Good luck.
  3. Geo2199

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    Yes! Its getting so bad out here in the Atlanta metro area. And the pawn shop owners are just as bad knowingly accepting equipment they know are stolen just to turn a small profit.
  4. windflower

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    I mounted a game camera in my box truck to snap pics of thieves
  5. Geo2199

    Geo2199 LawnSite Member
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    I have a security camera in my truck that caught them. I was trying to show the police officer but he was so busy running my insurance and tags on my truck and trailer and license and serial number on my equipment. While waiting for him to do all that I accidentally deleted the footage!

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