Stolen texas rollback trailer

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Jake99, Jan 8, 2009.

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    I spent three weeks in Alaska in July. There you have the right to kill to protect your trailer. My trailer was worth the life of a whole car load of thieves. I got another one here and just hoping they try for it. Believe you me, if ya touch it I will get a SMS on my cell phone in seconds. I have all kinds of hole punchers now and they are all on stand by. Got one in the chamber and plenty more in the clip. Got plenty clips. Come on over and make my day, it's almost dark now....
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    I should be a cop.

    You need to relax man, I just did some work for a guy who was all flippy like that.
    He got some stuff stolen from him once, and now he is all paranoid about ppl stealing from him.
    Lifes too short to go insane over one trailer...

    Some people are scumbags, you will just have to deal with it.
    Move to the country somewhere, I leave expensive crap all over the place.

    I can shoot out my front door, and get away with it.
  3. DirtyAgenda

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    They do, its called a title, and in most states, you need one.
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    Stolen trailers is a 40 Billion dollar problem as of 2006.....most likely higher now. It was "only" a 5 BILLION dollar problem in 1999. So if you do not have a problem count your blessings....cause thousands of trailers are gone every year and if you are not hot on your stolen trailer within 72 is more than likely gone for good. In California all that is required for a new trailer license is proof of material purchase...receipts for all parts and construction unless you can weld and you get the license. They imprint a number on your trailer and give you a sticker......both of these can easily be bypassed.......and I know next to nothing about all of the other ways they use to bypass the procedures.
    But it is done and more than anyone knows....Ken
  5. Jake99

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    Yeah, the thieves are having good luck making money off the NON flippy crowd.
  6. DirtyAgenda

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    Ya, I beleive you man, but you guys are like stolen trailer nazi's.

    Your all toting machine guns and registering multiple domain names.
    Its cute that your fighting for a cause and everything, but is the cause really worthy of fighting for?

    Stolen trailers is a big problem, 40 billion dollars.
    How many billions of dollars worth of guns do you suppose are stolen every year?

    Do you think we should also put barcodes on our rifles, just to they cant be stolen and the police can track them down easier?

    I don't, and I bet you feel the same way.

    Make some websites and try to get your town cleaned up a little bit, and maybe your trailer wont get stolen...
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    Mr.D Agendi,

    The thieve did a good job. BUT he didn't get to use it much. I found his ass. I was nice to the mf. IT's the dammm police I mad at it. They are not doing their job. They don't know how. They don't have the tools. They will not tell the truth but won't you to. When ya hosed and you will, you will be mad. Then and if you start messing the police, you will be madder than you was. I messed with them too much and got a permant case of the ass.:hammerhead:

    When you get hosed, just go buy you another trailer and lawn mower and all them weed eaters and leave the fuzz alone. They not looking for it. They wish you leave them alone. Quit expecting them to do something. Just shut up, go home, and be happy. victim of theft + messing wid tha police = sob forever.

    Dr.Jake Payne
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  9. Jake99

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    WELL WELL, here we are 3 1/2 yrs later, and guess what.???

    Today, the sheriff dept has entered my info into NCIC...

    Am I mad..? yep..

    Is the sheriff under a lawsuit right now for sexual harassment of a female deputy..?? yep

    Did he get tha captains to attempt to run her off after the second pregnacy??

    Dunno, dats what the lawsuit alleges..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here let me see if I can find that linky to this...brb mates.
  10. Jake99

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