Stolen Work

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by PYMLscape, Nov 21, 2006.

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    I doubt a large landscape and design company needs to take maintenance work. I also doubt that there is any brown nosing involved. If you know who it is then simply give them a call and explain that that is your job and you have been doing it for 15 years. That you don't appreciate loosing money because your work is done for you. They may have made a mess with the mulch on the yard and it was easier to clean it all up than to try and pick the spilled mulch out of the leaves.
    They probably don't know it is being maintained if it looks like a mess every time they come there. They might not even know about you at all.
    So take it easy and deal with it. It's your job protect it.
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    We ran into that a couple weeks ago we are under contract to do a HOA and some trees died about a year goes bye and they asked me for a bid to replace them (i did state to them they were dead) ok my crew shows up and theres another company blowing the leaves off the turf to remulch the landscaping thats great less work for us and a waste for him or he is kissin butt then i called my contact at the management firm talked to my contact she then stated that the were going to rebid this year...anyway i get this all the time.

    Keep moving forward.
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    Yeah it happens. One of my weekly mowing account has the bigger landscape company in town doing their mulch and pruning. Nothing you can really do about it, just move on.
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    if this guys is responsible for dolingout contracts, maybe the landscape company had some "free" time and did some free work for th eguy....

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    The way I see it you are the odd man out. While you have taken care of the property for a long time, you have not taken care of this customer. His relationship is with the large contractor. And a contractor that understands where his income comes from. My guess is that the clean-up was just "given" to the developer.
    I would talk to the homeowner, but not to disagree with what happened, but to determine their expectations of you.
    Communicate with them and do it with a open mind. A man that creates developments has the power to put many people to work.
    Your feelings of stolen work can become joy of much added work
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    Yes, the guy isn't trying to steal our account, he is just apple-polishing to get million dollar landscape jobs at new developments. He wants the work at the downtown highrises that Mr. Developer-Guy builds.

    We had been at the house every week keeping it clean, so we weren't behind. In fact, they are our no. 1 priority, so we weren't neglecting them.

    Besides, if he's just there to mulch the plants, why must he also clean the entire lawn and bed area? Normally, this company does not do maintenance.
    100% design and build.
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    For the same reason you go above and beyon for your clients....I had some clients that never paid for any flowers or any fertilizer. why did I give them the material or labor...Iknew that I'd get itback in spades ont he next job. He did it, and this is a hard concept for some be nice....

    Yeah it sucks that he took money out of your pocket, but he also just saved his sugar daddy some money...
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    We're in the commercial parking lot maintenance business. Sounds like the same thing we do. We land a big parking lot sealcoat job, we always throw in sealing the owners/managers residence. Im sure many of those people had someone else doing it for years, but theyre not going to turn down a freebie from us.

    To me spending a couple hundred dollars on material for a property manager or owner is well worth it considering the work we get.
  9. JJLandscapes

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    haha i cant complain either. Season is one yard closer to being done also
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    Ditto. Exactly my thoughts.

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