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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by groundsmechanic, Sep 19, 2008.

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    One of our Toro Workmans was stolen at the begining of last week. They were using it and parked it. Well, they forgot about it and went home. Left the key inside and it was parked in a corner lot.

    It was gone the next day. A day or so later they found it and it wasn't beat up too bad. They broke the top cab lights, the top cab turn signals and hit something with the box and bent the tailgate. No damage to the 100 gallon sprayer in the bed. Unfortunatly they ran over a matress and all the wires got tangled up in the left rear axle. It broke a hard brake line, took out the waterpump belt and bent the parking brake cable so the left side was stuck on. They peeled the S/N tag off but it was still in the vehicle. The wire took out the left axle seal also.

    The police dusted for prints (since this is State equipment, they will do that) and left it where it was and set up a stakeout to try to catch them coming back. I guess they had to leave for a bit because when they came back, it was gone again. They found it and now I have it to fix.

    At least we got it back.

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