Stone edging over a brick border?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by petar, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Hi there,

    In our backyard, we have a curved brick border which separates the lawn area from the surrounding bare soil (where we have fruit trees growing) along the boundaries of our property. Over the years, the brick border has become uneven and has sunken in some places, so in some areas it is barely even visible, since it has fallen beneath the height of the soil (the actual lawn area has become uneven due to sinking as well). The actual border is mortared and is only one brick high.

    Being the way it is now, the brick border serves no purpose, since it no longer separates the lawn area from the surrounding soil. We are looking at some ways of solving this. One idea is to use bluestone blocks to create a raised bed style of border. I think this would only need to be one stone in height.

    We have a few questions. Can we leave the existing brick border in place, and install the bluestone blocks over the top? If so, should we use mortar (bonding the stones to the top of the bricks) or simply use the “dry” method and place the stones on some gravel or sand, above the existing bricks?

    Thanks for any suggestions,
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    the obvious fault w/ the old border lies w/ the base prep, so if you go right over top the new stuff will sink in time as well. You need to dig everything out re-install your base and proceed with either a wet lay or dry lay. I prefer a wet lay in this application, so my base would be clean stone.


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