Stone/mulch this bid in the ballpark?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GarPA, Apr 27, 2003.

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    Did a job for this business owner last year of similar size and he did not balk at the cost. Now he has another location where he wants the same thing done but he thinks the bid is too high. Would appreciate your input on whether this bid is out of line.

    *15 tons crushed red 3/4 " gravel $33/ton contaniment edging needed as the 2 beds are within curbing.Stone dumped adjacent to curbing...can't dump from trucktdirectly into beds because of too many plants.
    * install heavy landscape fabric..enough to cover 1500 sqft ..many plants to cut around

    Other Bed...10 yards black mulch($25/yard delivered)...mulch dumped right in front of bed...rear of bed has 60 degree slope on back side with many yews in the way...not ez to get the 'barrow there.l
    *install landscape fabric to cover 1000sq ft...many plants to cut around
    * cut in natural edge...about 250 linear ft.

    In all 3 beds, kill/dig out weeds and prune various perennials...the beds are a mess with straggly plants and weeds

    I came in at $3200...would you be in this price range? Thanks
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    We would be higher but it's tough to say ...

    Just by a quick scribble on a napkin here I'm guessing at around a 50hour job(2 long days with 2 guys)... sound about right to you?

    We use a multiple overhead recovery system ... materials cost plus 10% for OVH - equipment (depends on what it is for the hourly rate) plus 25% OVH - our hourly rate has OVH recovery in it. Then profit (this percentage depends on what type of job it is) for a small job like this we go for 20%.

    Can you give me your full materials cost including the fabric?

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