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    Can you help with a bid. I need to remove 1500 sq ft of old mulch and landscape fabric, add 30 ft of plastic edging, install new fabric with 11 yards of 2" - 2 1/2" granite stone. I'll need to rent a dingo or equivalent to move to stone, and labor for three guys.

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    Why remove old mulch? It decomposes, I would grade out old mulch and lay landscape fabric over it and apply rock. Don't cheap out with the plastic edging put metal edging, it looks more professional and lasts longer.
    How far is the bed from your dumping spot? Remember if you use a bobcat or dingo you might want add extra for repairing lawn.
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    I have a job almost identical to what yours sounds like. I am removing ivy and putting down rock. I am spraying ivy with roundup after I cut it downa nd laying fabric over ivy and then laying my rock. It will take 5-6 yds of rock. I bid the job at $1200 and have it scheduled for next week. We will have to wheelbarrow all the rock through a gate. Small stones are not that bad to wheelbarrow shorter distances. I do run the solid no flat tires on our wheelbarrows to prvent blowouts from heavy loads. I buy my rock at $40 a yard and this is assorted colors to choose from.

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