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I have to give an estimate for a stone path about 3' x 28'. The path will be made of single 3'x 2' stepping stones. My problem is I have no clue how to charge for a job like this.


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All types of rock,stone, and masonry, work is priced by the ft.Try calling other contractors in your area that do this work, they'll more than likely tell you their price per sq ft. Then figure in materials and delivery fees accordingly.


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Earthnturf, you price this out by the sq. ft. and it depends on the type of stone you are using. Tell us more on the stone and we can give you a better idea on the cost of install.<p>----------<br>paul<br>


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May we also have a little more info on how you intend to set the stones. Is this a dry-set install? Whether you will butt them tightly or leave what size spaces between the stones. What depth base will you use? Will there be edge restraints and what type?<br>That will make it easier to determine cost, time required and therefore a final price.<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>


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I'd first out the job as you plan to install it.<p>First: base prep<p>1. excavation of/removal of old walk and excavation for new one. Figure out the costs for this. If you are going to rent a tractor/backhoe, find outs its rental fee for the time you will need it (1,2,3 days etc), the costs to truck the machine back and forth.<p>Also, make sure you figure out where you will put the excavated materials/dirt that come out of the walk. Can you dump them there or will you have to truck it away. Againg extra costs that need to be figured in.<p>2. Base course - what type of base are you going to use - maybe a 3 inch QP base, compacted and then screeded sand/stone dust to set the course in.<p>For the walk you are doing, you will need around 2-3 yards of QP/5a and a little over a yard of stonedust/sand, so figure out the costs for this and its trucking.<p>Also, you may need to rent a plate compactor, which you will have to figure the costs for renting it (anywhere from 50 to 75 a day by me) and the costs with the time associated with picking it up/returning it.<p><br>3. cost of material - figure out how much stepping stone, or how many pallets of stone you are going to use and get the price for the actual cost/trucking of the material<p>4. Time - Finally, figure out how long you think it will take you and what you want to make for your time. If you think you can do it in a day, then how much do you want to make that day?<p>I would listen to others on the advice of finding out what others would charge, but don't use this as your sole pricing plan.<p>Price it out for what you want to make. I would say you should be in the range of $6-10 a sq foot, but don't know the cost of the materials you are using so can't be that exact here.<p>Also, the quality of the job may vary price. If you are just 'throwing them in', then your price will vary more than if you are going to do a picture perfect job.<p>Also, are you going to have to cut any of the stones/ or need a edge restraint, such as plastic pave edging or concrete. Figure this in also if you do. You may need to rent a saw/diamond blade, and again need to figure this in.<p>Finally, don't forget time for 'clean up'. A VERY common item overlooked. If you dump on drive, figure time for sweeping up the mess. Also, plan on doing some reseeding around the walk, as you tear up the turf around the walkway. Also, if you are running it along a bed, plan on needding some more mulch.<p>just some ideas,<p>steveair<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: steveair

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