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    I am not a professional landscaper. I only do stuff at home and friends places usually.
    I am getting ready to start a big project and will be needing lots of soil, gravel, stones, mulch, etc.
    I know I can get soil much cheaper by the pickup load than by the bag and I know where to get it however I am struggling to find the same kind of thing for stones, mulch, and other things.
    What kind of company should I be looking at for getting things like river rocks, flagstones, or any other kind of stones? I am Wichita, KS so there aren't very rocky areas here but I don't mind traveling a little to find a really good price.
    What about for mulch, should I be contacting some sort of tree cutting company to buy it from them? is there a danger of getting just any kind of mulch?

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.


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