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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOMER, Mar 28, 2001.

  1. HOMER

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    I was mowing one of my commercial prop.s last Saturday and nobody was there so I parked my $32,000.00 investment right in the middle of the parking lot thinking it would surely be safe wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy out there. After I finished trimming and edging I started mowing one side when I noticed my frt tire was low. I pulled over to the truck and got off the mower, as I walked up to the truck I had my head down and saw all this glass laying there on the ground by my truck. I was fussin' about these stupid folks that break glass and leave it for others to run over when I reached for my door and looked window was shattered in my rear door, the only glass left was what was attached to the gaskets!

    My chute was down and I still got my own glass.

    On the way to get my window replaced Monday I rounded a sweeping turn with my trailer in tow. My better half was with me and we heard this buffeting sound. I asked her if she heard it and she said ya, it's that big hole behind my head! I said, "Naw, it sounds deeferent than that sugarplum"! About that time chunks of rubber start flying up and I catch them in my side mirror! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm "I wonder what that is sweety"? I says to her. She says" HmmmmmmmmmmI bet it's one of them good tars you always buy to put on this here trailer dipstick"! We were within a mile of my favorite tar store so we hit the grass and ran down the side of the road till we could turn in the parking lot, folks were dodgin' rubber chunks left and right!:D When the guy who always seems to be there when I show up saw me coming he hollered out "205/75/15 right", I said "You got it brother", he then proceeded back to the scrap tire pile to see if he could come up with a "suitable" tire for more time!

    What a week!
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    Sorry to hear about your run of luck. Can't say that has happened to me before. But I'm glad to hear that there's someone else out there that still likes using the trusty ole trade in tires........$15 a piece ain't too shabby, and at that price, you can afford to flatten a few here and there
  3. Charles

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    When it rains it pours! Aint that the truth. I really hurtswhen you damage your own property.
    Ya thats true about the "tars" LOL. When I show up at the store the guy automaticly heads towards the back to the ele cheapo trailor tires. I just cant bring muhself to buy those high dollar 8 ply ones either
  4. HOMER

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    I figure if I keep going I'll eventually have 4 tires the same size! Wouldn't that be cool? :D
  5. eggy

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    Homer, I must say that is good for a laugh...Hey I am sure you have the funds...or maybe we can do a Homer Tire collection.....hmmmmm
  6. kutnkru

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    Kinda funny how the truck has good tread, the mowing equipment has the Top Of The Line for tread, and the trailers get whatever is available.

    I have a friend who runs 14 and 15 inch wheels on his tandem axle trailer. He runs the 14s to the front and the 15s to the rear. He says "Im D.O.T. APPROVED!! Thats how the heavy open box haulers *%#! puit on their tires. I told him yea they run a smaller size in the front but they have 8 other larger sized tires to take the brunt of the weight.:(

    Just makes us feel that much safer about all these "legitimate" inspection centers - NOT!!!

    I'll say a prayer this sunnay at church fer ya homey;) so hopefully next week will be better.

    Good Luck this season!
  7. Freetime

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    Had this happen at one house few years ago did not hit glass was a rock about palm size right behind the passenger door #$@! Put a dam good dent in the body and man made me so mad I wanted to leave right then and never go back to that property. Maybe we should start charging $5.00 bucks a rock with $200.00 deposit to cover busted glass and dents in the trucks. Something like this “I didn’t find that rock you did it’s yours now” the customer says as the last bit of glass fall out of the drivers side window.
  8. bob

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    n.Alabama slang for tire store.
  9. Don't investments appreciate over time?
  10. MikeGA

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    Don't ya just hate it when MONDAY starts on SATURDAY!

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