Stop doing 'billing runs' in Cincy!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Marcos, Aug 30, 2007.

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    It's a crying shame what I see going on right now. Dozens and dozens of trucks hauling trailers full of ZTR's and heavy WB's and setting them loose onto lawns in Cincinnati that are TOAST! Can't you guys find something else to do during the drought other than grind up the dormant roots of the grass? Didn't you have some spare time over the winter to learn an add- on trade like retaining walls, patios, landscape lighting, irrigation, etc? And of course, what do you think these 'professionals' do when they don't see anything coming out of their discharge chutes (if they have them), they lower their blades even more! I'll bet they say " We'll, I've got to eat, too." Yeah, Maybe so. But these idiot's lack of real cognitive thought and foresight does nothing but cause more harm to the already disreputable 'professional' mowing industry! Oh, by the way, did you know that mowers were ranked last year as being the 2nd most distrusted trade behind painters? Do you guys want to go for NUMBER ONE?
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    so what trade did you learn?
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    He' learned how to get by on minimal amounts of sleep, judging by the time stamps on the post....

    I'd love to see were you got your data on this.....Id venture to say that lawyers, politicians, reporters, and car salesmen are 1-4....
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    Go to Craigslist. Rants And Raves. We cut em till they call, I have Lawn Crew Employees that have to feed families. Years ago I wouldn't't cut a lawn If I thought it might not need it and I got a lot of complaints. I realize my judgment is out the door its all customer preference. I tell every body I need a 24 hr. notice if you don't want your lawn cut. We had a very dry August and my billing for the month is a very nice number, the dry spell hardly affected me, and my employees are happy. Keeping your employees and your customers happy, its a balance act that is important to practice
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    Well, I'm just noth of cincy and can tell you that I have lawns that have not been cut since july 31. Even my irrigated lawns have suffered with the extreme conditions, and when a lawn goes dormant, I stay off, period. The temps, coupled with the dry ground have been a brutal combination this summer, many lawns will only be cut once in august, and thats just to "shape" them up a bit, knock off the "shag", and clean up the random weed. It's been a long time since I can remember conditions like this, and I've been at it 20 years!
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    Mow till they call.
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    Fine. Alright. Sorry, maybe I was a little harsh in my opening. I feel I have good reason though. I do computer stuff in the wee hours for a reason and that is so that I have grunt time outside in the early mornings so I do Mr. Mom stuff when it's 100 degrees outside, then I go back out until it's dark. But I feel if many mowers would learn to EDUCATE their customers about watering more deeply and less frequently, and they themselves would keep their blades sharper and stay off the lawns during the hottest part of the day,the problems we had earlier (especially brown patch) that lead to what we have now would be lessened exponentially.
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    I always keep the focus on my company and what I am doing, I could care less about how, when, where, why, the other guy mows or doesen't mow. I have enough to do without crying about what the other guy is or is not doing.

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