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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Marcus Drake Consultants, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Marcus Drake Consultants

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    Stop The Revolving Door !

    File Now For Reliable People That Want To Work. We Help You Get H2b Guest Workers. These Are Legal Men With Social Security Cards To Be Placed On Your Payroll. They Work For Your Peak Season Only And Can Return Year After Year. Don't Be Left Out!
    We Make It Simple To Solve Your Labor Problems. Afordable!
  2. Mdirrigation

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    The more jobs filled by "guest workers" the less jobs for citizens of this country . THEY DO TAKE JOBS FROM AMERICAN CITIZENS . They have lowered the pay scale in landscaping , carpentry , brick and block laying , drywall hanging and finishing , just for starters. Americans want and will do these jobs , but not for the low wages that the immigrants will. They are a burden on the health care system . They are a security threat for the country . They will come ,learn your business , learn your customers and branch out on their own and become your competition . With much lower overhead you wont be able to compete
  3. Frog Lights  LLC

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    1. The sponsoring company is unable to hire foreign workers until he completes a job search thru the U.S. Dept of Labor. If an American wants the job he must hire them first before foreign workers. We do NOT take jobs from Americans. Never..
    2. The sponsoring company must pay Prevailling wages. This is the going rate not a minimum or average rate, it is a rate that is higher than average. H2B workers do not work for lower scale. Maybe you are confusing this with illegal workers. These are not illegals. They get a Social Security Card and pay taxes like we do.
    3. Not a burden to health care.. covered by workman's comp. if they get sick they go home.
    4. Security threat.. They are completely checked out by our Div of Homeland Security and the U.S. Consulate before they are issued a legal temporary visa. Since 9/11 the check is very very complete. These are hard working young men, usually head of families.
    5. They are not interested in being competition, they are interested in working for the 8-10 months .. your season and returning home. They spend the holidays and come back again the following year. Trained and ready , most important willing to work !
    I appreciate your comments but I think you are misinformed.
  4. Mdirrigation

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    You may think i am wrong , but I know carpenters that are out of work because the " prevaling wage" has dropped to half it was in 1999, lets see were in a housing boom , prices are high , and the labor rate dropped , and the forign workers are doing the jobs for half the wages , GIVE ME A BREAK .
    Wages follow the law of supply and demand , if the "GUEST WORKERS" left the supply of workers decreases and the pay increases , Americans want the jobs.

    Workmans comp covers a work related illness , not anything else . My wife works at a hospital , its a big problem .

    Security threat , my uncle is a cop , lets see , lots of driving with no license , no insurance , stolen tags , hit and runs thats just the small stuff. They are here for 10 months and go home most jurisdictions dont chace people into other countries.

    They dont want to compete , come to Maryland anytime , I will show you.
  5. Marcus Drake Consultants

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    Sorry, you feel that way. We deal with hard working honest men. I have to report that there is a huge shortage of entry level workers in the USA. Hotels advertise for housekeepers at $20 per hour and cannot find anyone. Green industy companies all over cannot find anyone reliable. (Landscape, Golf courses, Irrigation, construction, fishing related, forestry, hospitals, restaurants, and more and more) Okay, I believe you ... Americans are lined up to get the jobs.
  6. MarcSmith

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    When I worked at TGLC we did H2B one season.

    we ordered 8 guys. got 5, they arrive late, were dropped off late on a saturday night. we had already signed leases for two apartments. we finally got our other 3 2 months into the season. over the course of the season we employed 16 H2B guys for the 8 spots we had. It was nothing but turnover. They did not want to work, we had to ship two home as a result of poor behaviour at the apartment complex. The apartment was destroyed as was the purchased furniture.

    An article in the Washington Post A3 "Shortage of Immigrant workers alarms growers in West" Maybe they should cut ther losses hire american and keep the immigrants on their side of the fence.

    I also believe your post belongs in the "Business Opportunities, Software, Employment Services & More > SPONSOR FORUMS" rather than just thrown in to whatever category you want.
  7. Marcus Drake Consultants

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    Thanks for your comments. That is the difference with our company. We have our own offices overseas and we screen the people . We just don't sent anyone off the street. Please note we are a sponsor of Lawnsite.
  8. bicmudpuppy

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    I've seen good and bad w/ H2B. Finding good help is a struggle in almost any industry I've ever seen. I like working with legal temporary visas. They are here to work. Peroid. Show me a resident alien, and you won't notice much difference between them and the American worker you had to document for 3 months so you could fire him w/o being hung for discrimination and unemployment. I call it being "northernized".

    Finally, I also believe this topic should not be HERE. SPAM like this in a profesional forum turns me off. And suddenly, it seems to be common and sanctioned here at Lawn Site. Just put a bunch of !^$@!# pop up adds on the page instead so I know what is here and then I can just leave.
  9. MarcSmith

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    we did work with an H2B consultant, and part of my animosity is towards that individual for the lack of communication. But I can't blame the consult for the people that were sent over. OJ simpson was able to fool a jury into believing that he was innocent, how hard is for a a few guys to fool a consultant into believing that they work hard and are respectable people.

    We should employ legal citizens, and if that measn that we have to raise our pay rates and either take acceptable cuts in our profits or raise our prices then thats what we must do. However our industry is very easily aacessable and is entry level. any fly-by-nighter can start a business, run cheap, and run under the table to get business and make money, thus hurting those who chose to run legally. Thus one option is to hire H2B rather than take some acceptable decreases in profit to hire legal citizens. IMO its not acceptable.

    I know you are a sponsor, and I believe that the sponsors have their own sections. But I have not seen other sponsors go out of that area to just arbitrariliy post an editorial/ad. Now I could understand you responding to an H2B post to answer questions or to clarify the rules, ect.
  10. SodKing

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    The American citizens in my town are all drugged out 24 year olds who don't have any work ethic, think nothing of talking on our cell phones all day and sticking us with the bill, show up only when they want, and like to keep the buzz on all day.

    I'll take any hard working foreign worker who has respect for himself and his employer over one of the local kids anyday.

    Do they come to NH?

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