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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PMLAWN, Feb 1, 2005.


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    Just a quick question about Yellow Page ads,

    What do you look at when you look in the phone book? Do not think Lawn care. Think about getting the car fixed or looking for a plumber. Do you look at the Picture ads or the general listing?

    Also do you look in the phone book to find a company to do business with or just to find the number of a company that you already know of but just don't know the number. Just looking for opinions as to what people use the phone book for and how.
    I am making 06 plans now. We also have a handyman division which cuts down the windshield time factor but still not sure which way to go.
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    I usually only call companies with ads in the Yellow Pages...I figure they are more "reputable" and however untrue this is cause I'm pretty sure its not a proven fact, I think most other ppl do the same.

    If you open up to LawnCare and there are 30 listings *up here at least* and there are nice big ads or just lil phone number listings....what would get your attention?

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    Jeff I agree and that is why I ask about looking for companys or just numbers of companys that you know.
  4. chevyman1

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    btw, companies is spelled like I just typed, not companys. If you are putting an ad in the Yellow Pages and want to be reputable, spelling is job #1. :p
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    I dont think most people even look in the yellow pages for LCO's, maybe they do for landscaping. Think about this, People look in the yellow pages for A.S.A.P services, like plumers if they got a leak or electricians, or auto body shops if they got an auto problem. I think to most people they would just wait till they see a Lco in their nieghborhood an ask for a quote from them.

    Or they waitr till they get a postcard or flyer. Now I'm not saying that people dont look in the yellow pages, but most dont. Save your money and put it into something else, plus the yellow pages reaches to broad of an area for just mowing, Now if your doing Landscaping as well, then you can justify the expense of the yellow pages because 1-2 jobs will pay for the ad itself.

    Id like to hear otherwise from lco's that have put an ad in the yelow for just mowing and was it really worht it, and did the bussiness you got from it pay for it ?
  6. captaingreen

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    I heard this from someone who knows a lot about marketing and is the president of a medium sized co. in my area. She said, 'Statistically people go to the yellow pages for services that are not directly related to their home. When it comes to service where people come into the home or onto the property, people will usually go for word of mouth referals i.e. neighbors, friends and family'. I think of what she said everytime I consider my advertising dollars. :) :) :) :)

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    Sorry Chevy. Was being quick and not paying attention. How stupdi of me>
  8. DennisF

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    I agree with this. When I first started business here in Florida I placed a Yellow pages ad and it was useless. I received 2 calls from the ad. Total circulation for the ad was 160,000.
  9. rodfather

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    Another English Major...I'm sure the people at the Yellow Pages have a proof reader btw.
  10. the scaper

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    I like to use the yellow pages as a back stop when sighting in my pellet gun inside, works great. Seriously though, I had a yellow page add for a carpentry biz a long time ago and it turned out to be a waste of money, also an associate bought a y/p add for landscaping and swears he'll never do it again. That has been my experience but thats not to say that it may not work for you. You can see my location, I would have thought it to be a good investment. I never look in the book myself, I go by word of mouth and collect business cards from people who i've talked to along the way.

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