stopping the crab grass seeds

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by bavaria-n, Nov 1, 2009.

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    my point exactly. i have some real issues with some lawns due to this. always weeds to kill and i have great timing with my apps and the lawns are super thick,. you know what i mean about the serious grassy weed issues we can have here!
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    Which one is the best here on Long Island NY?
    I wan to use it spring time, just before yellow shrubs start to bloom. Can you get me a link?
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    Are you next to a farm field full of grassy weeds, there on L.I.? A couple of years of pre-m should eliminate most of the weeds seeds in the germination zone. Unless you disturb the soil significantly you can usually get by w/out it, from then on concentrate on overseeding.
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    Barricade (Lesco Stonewall), or Dimension are both excellent. However, for best results, you need to apply at the high end of the recommended rate. You should probably be using the .15 percent Dimension. Aim for about .25 lbs active ingredient (dithiopyr) per acre. At least use the higher rate in crabgrass prone areas. Shade areas seldom need crabgrass control. Sunny areas, thin areas, and areas with a crabgrass history definately need the higher rates. Calibrate your spreader so that you can open it up two notches or whatever it works out. So you can treat the crabgrass prone areas with the higher rate and clean up the problem. Be sure to cover the edges and along the pavement fully. Do not let your customers power edge if they have crabgrass problems. This breaks the barrier along the pavement, (whoops, sorry Smallaxe) resulting in crabgrass along the edge. If you think you climate is "southern" use the southern rate.

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