Stopping the illegals is up to you!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by IMAGE, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. IMAGE

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    The ND Consumer Protection Agency today in Fargo ND arrested ~20 illegal aliens today! They were checking random jobsites for different constuction companies today and found a bunch of illegals and 4 contractors in the wrong. I only hope they keep checking! It said on the news that they checked after calls from residents, and OTHER CONTRACTORS.

    My advice to you is to MAKE THE CALL when you suspect!
  2. Surfdunn

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    I would hire an illegal over any of my friends any time of day. I've worked side by side with illegals and got to say that they are hard workers. They show up everyday, rain or shine and are ready to go. If americans werent so damn lazy and looking for the easy way out I'm sure we wouldnt have this problem. Criticize me all you want.
  3. Dunn's

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    Hey can we please remove this guy his name is to close to ours and he is anti-america. We Don't want to be associated with that.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Way to go, bro...keep dragging the country down. We proudly salute you
  5. IMAGE

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    The illegals may get sent home, but I hope the business gets hit with a fine that puts them out of business. One of the formans was on the 9pm news saying "They were hired by a company seperate from us out of Texas" "We don't have any employees."
    Yeah right buddy.

    The news guy even commented that 7 of the 8 on that crew didnt speak english. I know it is bad in the south, but I am really hoping it doesnt get bad here! I really like being able to talk to people without learning another language.
  6. IA_James

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    Well, since you gave me a shooting license, here goes.

    Good job destroying the economy of the United States in favor of the economy of Mexico. You must be so proud. When you read your children bed time stories, does the Big Bad Wolf win?
  7. puppypaws

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    You got that "damn lazy" right and you can add drunks, pot heads, meth and coke suckers to your list. I have worked about every breed there is and they ought to be sending these sorry American's starting with your politicians to Mexico and leave the people that will work here.
  8. GreenT

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    Oh boy, here we go again with the illegal aliens...

    Reminds me of Nazi Germany and turning in the Jews.
  9. IMAGE

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    I dont think that is an accurate comparison.
  10. You know I would love to live and work in Fl. With the Mexican population it would be hard to do that. I keep reading how the rates are like 80 dollars per customer there. HELLO .......That's per month not per cut! I bet if the illegals where kicked out and the companies that did have insurance and didn't pay taxes were stopped. It would pay close to double that price. I am sorry ..........I would rather pay a lot more for someone that pays taxes than someone like that.

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