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    Need some ideas for finding storage building/shop for equipment storage. I'm not a huge operation, but do have 2 ztrs, a ride on sprayer, ride on aerator, and all the trimmers/hand tools/misc equipment.

    I'm moving to a new house that doesn't have the back yard barn that my current house has. I've looked into the rental mini storage places, but I can't seem to find any with units big enough to back my trailer into or the turn is too tight to back into. I'm trying to avoid having to unload my equipment every day. Down the road I'd love a place to store some bulk pine straw or pre order some pallets of fertilizer or seed.

    Most for sale buildings I've found are out of my price range. The good ones are to expensive and the cheap ones are on the bad side of town. I did go look at an old service station with a coupld of bays which would be really nice.

    Any ideas of where to look, what to look for? What route did you guys go to find a place.
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    Shelterlogic Instant Autoshelter Portable Garage

    Quick note: By "instant" they really meant to say it takes a full afternoon to set it up, but it's good otherwise.
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