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For the people that rent a storage place, what is the going rate per month? Also what size is good to have?


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North Alabama
I currently rent a 12'x 30' for $115/month. It's a monthly lease and this is my first month there. I am not allowed to do any work there. But I do work there early in the morning; sharpening blades, checking oil, mixing gas, and etc... The rent in normally $135 but I pick up trash and I will poison any weeds that come up ( Maybe a total of fifteen minutes a month work) Have checked around in my area and could probably find a better deal but it's less than one mile from my home. BTW, I have a sixteen ft. trailer. I keep my other equipment there; extra push-mowers, shovels,rakes, extral oil, and etc. Plenty of room for me. Only has lights. no electrical outlets<p>Ssouth<br>TLC, The Landscape Co.<br>


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I rent a 10x30 for $195/month. Storage here is very expensive. As for no elect. outlets, go to Lowes or Home Depot and get a light socket that also has 2 outlets on it. It will give you enough juice to run a blade grinder or elect. drill while the lights are on.


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Central Florida
I have a 20x40 that I pay $285/month w/ utilities. It is a pretty nice place. Steel building 120/240 volt power, minimum roof height is 12 feet, has 10 foot roll up doors. There is a restroom right next to it and outside water right there. They pretty much let you do anything except welding ( the place burned down a few years back), you can be there anytime, people live on site. I just stumbled across it, I checked with them before and they never had vacancies. I was looking for a house to rent and just happened to stop in. A business that occupied an 80x40 left and they closed them in to make 4 20x40's. They were all gone within days. I have built lofts inside that are held by steel cables and the steel beams on the side of the building, so I have extra storage and takes up no floor space (do to the cables) They will let you install phone lines as well. Now that I think about it you could live there. :)


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SW Missouri
I rent a 12 x 24 with electric for one year the rent in $592. <br>The place has camers, it's gated, and very well light!<br>Sounds like I am getting off cheap.


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I pay $100 a month for a 12x30 with garage door front & entry door in back. Lights are on timers, & put socket outlets in the light sockets. Now I can run a grinder if I have to, & flour. shop lights for work bench, but mostly use elec. for fan to blow out exhaust fumes when I hook up & pull out trailer (dual exhaust & flowmasters exit out the back of truck), or fire up a mower inside.<br>Not supposed to drill into the walls, either.<br>There are very few places in town with private sectioned-off storage for anything the size of a trailer or camper. Either big open storage, or thousands of tiny 8x10 closets for people to store their couch & junk in here in town.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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I rent a 30'x60' very nice roundtop building for $250.00 a month do a little trimming around all 4 builings which I get a $50.00 discount so it cost $200.00, I do pay for the electric. The shop does have a office and restroom. Just happened to run across it and I knew the guy who had them he runs a good size dozer service out of one shop on the complex. the whole place is graveled and lit up fairly well and it is on a corner of two of the busy streets in town. I'am still thinging of building my own in stead of paying rent.<p>----------<br>T.J. Greenfield<br>

john boylan

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Huntsville, AL
$210/month for 12X45X16, fenced, alarmed, coded gate entry, asphalt lot, 110 lights and one plug, with 10 ft. rollup door, in Huntsville, AL. Any modifications acceptable so long as you don't cut anything. Any work you want to do is okay--one guy ran a cabinet shop out of one of the units for a year. Expensive, but commercial zoning is at a premium in this primarily residential area. A 10X20X10 is only $95 a month, with many other places to rent for that size. Lots of grasscutters & landscapers in the compound makes it easy to borrow/rent equipment & get idea of the going rates for various tasks, as well as getting help with repairs. Would like an entry door and 220 electric, but looks like I'll have to build to get it.


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I'm paying $500.00 a month for a 30x40 with sliding door, I got a 2500 sq. ft. house in the deal too for that 500 + an acre of land!<br>Sure does beat that carport!<p>Homer

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