Storage of pipe fittings

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    I made a hopper with a pallet as a base. Used our random assortment of lumber to make sides. Not as pretty as the hopper linked above.
    Pallet is nice because the hopper can be moved with forks on a tractor. I can take all my leftover 4", 6", and 8" fittings with me to the job in addition to what I purchase.

    One day I may make a 5-6' tall pallet based shelf system with wire mesh doors to hold my 4" fittings in a more organized way.

    The smaller stuff we don't use often so it goes into used tree pots.

    Irrigation fittings are thrown into a 5-gallon bucket along with clamps, tools, and short sections of pipe. We only mess with irrigation when we cut a pipe digging so the bucket system works great for us. Better than a tackle box.

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