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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by coxslawncare, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. coxslawncare

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    I just purchased a Chevy 3500 Crew Cab dump truck to do my landscaping out of. It is a flat bed with 4 ft wooden sides. I was wondering if anyone had any pics or ideas for storing hedge timmers, chainsaws, and an attachment power head. I had thought about building a cage over the cab to keep them in but not exactly sure what I am looking for. Right now I just throw them in the back of the cab when I go out but want something where I can keep them with the truck at all times and not have to store them inside the cab. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    One of the companies here built a long rectangular box along the drivers side that closes and locks. You can put mowers on the floor on the other side, or load up the back of the truck with debris and take it to the dump without getting your 2 cycle stuff all dirty.

    Although, I would rather have a locking access door on the outside wall so the bin wouldn't ever be in-accessable.
  3. knox gsl

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    Underbody tool boxes mounted to the frame. I would do one on each side, big as will fit.
  4. coxslawncare

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    there is not alot of room under the body for boxes with the pump being mounted on one side and the fuel filler coming up dead center on the other side. I had planned on getting one of those for fuel cans though. I do like the idea of building a box along the side that would run the full length. The front headache rack is steel so I could ppossibly do something similar on the front that ran the width of the dump bed as long as it wont interfere with the tarp setup.
  5. chips17

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    i have thought about welding a few pieces of angle iron onto the back in a U shape so that you can slide a wheelbarrow into it and throw a strap on it and be good to go. anyone try that?

    Sorry bud this isnt really about your trimmers but just another idea for you to toss around
  6. coxslawncare

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    so far I have been just throwing wheelbarrows on top of the mulch and running a strap over them when I need to.

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