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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fitzg2md, Mar 6, 2007.

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    I’m in the process of moving, and will be losing my nice storage garage. Question is… what do most do for storing trailers, equipment, etc. I will not be able to just park on the street since I will be more or less downtown. Not sure I would want to anyway! Do some rent storage units, and if so what size? I need to buy a yard so I have room to keep mulch etc. Do some rent land? If so, how much, and at what kind of rate? Obviously this price will vary greatly. Most warehouse space I am finding is absurdly priced. I would be working non-profit if I had to pay 10.00/sqft! Any suggestions? -Mike
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    well that sucks. but you could buy an enclosed trailer and lock it up and park that on the street. or you could not move downtown. or you could rent a storage unit depending on how big you need it the start kinda over priced about $40-$300 where i looked at in ohio. as far as your mulch goes maybe try to find a farm or some ones back yard to rent might have better luck at a farm back in there woods or some thing.
  3. fitzg2md

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    Yeah, to call it "downtown" is a stretch, but I definately wont have parking for my jeep, f350, trailer (enclosed or not) etc. Do most simply work out of there home? if not, at what point did you make the transition to a dedicated office/yard etc? -MF
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    I work out of my home in a subdivision. I put my trailer in the garage and the truck in the driveway.

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