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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Sep 1, 2001.

  1. lawnboy82

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    Hey everyone. I am up at school now. However this morning I worked out my storage problem. Here is what we have come up with. I will be getting about a 1500 sq ft. storage area that has electric and phone setup. The garage is not visable to the public. There is security at the building too. I can keep 1 truck there and 1 16 foot trailer as well. Price for this is $500 per month which will be worked off by cutting 1 lawn, and doing some very small other stuff. Does this seem like a good price to you guys? I think it is a great price, but I would appreciate some feedback.
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    Sounds like a killer deal to me! Does that include phone and electric charges?

    Chuck Keough
  3. powerreel

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    I struggle for space and leave allot of equiptment @ customers houses. Seattle is crowed and space is very limited, trade is good if you have it ALL IN WRITING...........


    But sometimes when you're self emp'd the force is with you......sounds like a killer deal...good luck! ;)
  4. Runner

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    RED FLAG!!!

    Is this storage only for the winter? Where do you keep it the rest of the time? OR, is this for all year round? Here is what to consider: How big is this lawn that they want cut? If you're considering 500 a month, this would come out to greater than $125 bucks a cut. I say greater than because you're only cutting for around 7 months out of the year. If this place you're cutting isn't worth greater than $125 a week, what is this "other little stuff" they'll have you doing? Don't let them give you the shaft on this!!!:( It sounds like you should get some definite terms in writing for this deal. Good luck at school!
  5. roscioli

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    You bought a new truck? 500 a month sounds steep to me, I am pretty sure storage here is cheaper.
  6. lawnboy82

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    Thanx guys. The way I am planning on working this out over the winter is that there are some trees that need to be cut down at one guy's house. That right there is worth a good 2 months rent. Then there is always something to be do. All I have to do other than cut the 1 lawn is trim 3 hedges which take all of about 5 minutes 2 people to trim and clean up. I can blow the lot off by myself like once a month, takes me about 1/2 hr by myself. But I have to do it after 8 Pm. All of my stuff is going to be moved over there in about 2 weeks. So that will leave a lot of room in my garage at home. I believe that the 500 a month does include the electric. Phone I think I may shy away from for a while. This is year round storage. By the way. I can also dump lawn refuse there. Clippings, leaves, stone, fill, etc. Only things they dont want is big brush.
  7. roscioli

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    You got a new truck?
  8. arninglawns

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    I guess I have it good. I pay $35 a month to store my trailer at a storage lot 2 miles from my house. It's gated, and has on duty security and cameras. Not covered, but hey, it's cheap. And very convenient.
  9. Guido

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    even though your doing a trade off or whatever with this guy, you should put it in writing. There is nothing there that says he can't get you to do all this work and then throw you out that night.

    Be careful!! If its a proffesional relationship, keep it proffesional, and keep it on paper!

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