Storage sheds anyone?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by racer56, May 22, 2007.

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    Thinking of adding this service. We live in an area that is older and some of the lots are small so not much room to add onto say a single car garage. Alot of the houses here have no garage as it has been taken for living space at some time in the past. Anyway I had a customer ask about building one so I went to several places and look at what was in the area. H.D. caries Tuff Shed. The Tuff Shed she was looking at is an 8x12 with a single door and 2 vents. It sells for 2291.00 installed. She also wants shelving added to it and wants it painted to match the house. Seems to me that a guy can make alot of money just building these things. She wanted a better floor than what they had as well. The thing looked like it was built as cheap as possible to me. Anyway she looked all over and couldn't find anyone that just makes them the way the customer wants them(color shingle color...) and asked me. I haven't given a price yet but need to in the morning. Any idea how long it will take to build? I understand after building a few we could get them done faster. If I can figure out a way to make good money selling these custom built I think I could seel alot of them as they arean't regulated here by building permits as long as no perm. foundation.
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    You can make good money if you follow a few simple rules.
    #1 keep it simple. I built homes for years then got into the lawncare biz ,I still do decks fences and sometimes a shed. The first couple of sheds I did I tried to build them like I was building a house with overhangs and soffits etc.
    I spent way too much time on the first couple because of that ,then I started studying other sheds and learned where to save time. If you check out the major shed builders they have simplified the whole process and that is the best way to make good money. The sheds the big box stores sell may look ok but they are pretty cheaply built. It's not hard to sell the same style shed but better quality ,and marketing them as custom built to their specs like paint and shingles should be an easy sell. The other thing is your setup, if you don't already have an air compressor and nail guns that is something you will want to add. That will speed up the process a bunch. Then of course do a good job and word of mouth will take over.

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