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  1. gway

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    just a question to ask all you people regarding where and how much do you pay for your storage facilities? we are based out of the western chicagoland suburbs and are having trouble locating a good safe storage site. our main concerns are it must have water and electric and indoor storage to work out of. if anyone out there has any suggestions on property or feedback i will thank you deerly...where do all the landscapers and lawn care people store thier junk and work out of is my question?? what is the cost of your storage site as well.

    sorry...i gotta run to go make some $$$
  2. lawnMaster5000

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    I pay about $175 for a 10x15ft locker. I am in St. Louis and this locker space comes with no utilities. All i get is an empty garage type storage space.

    Good luck on your search - it sucks.
  3. lawnboy11

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    That's a good question. I currently rent the garage of friends of mine and do their yard for free, but if that ends I don't know what I'll do. I need to store a trailer and a truck also and if I expand in the future will need more room. That's a good question. I hope it gets a lot of replies.
  4. Fine Lines Lawn

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    Did the "self storage" thing for 2 years. They come with no utilities, and you aren't allowed to work on anything there. Those are usually storage only. Now I have 1500 square feet of office / restroom / shop area in an office park. $660.00 / month.
  5. Eric ELM

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    lawnboy11, I do the same thing. I use the brick garage across the street and I do their lawn in exchange.

    I checked into storage space around here too, it was expensive and I had to drain fuel out of any equipment I stored there. That sucked. :mad:

    Glad I got something so close. :D
  6. TLS

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    When I was looking for my house, I wanted some type of garage. My house has a seperate 20x24 , 2 (small) car garage that my 16' trailer fits real snug into. No room for any other vehicles, but at least its under lock and key and weather tite. Next project is a 30x50 garage in place of this one! It'll probably be too small as soon as its built! Oh well. I know of a lot of guys in the biz with their equipment at home. Makes it easier to work out there on stuff pretty late and just walk in to shower and sleep.

  7. lawnboy82

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    i keep my trailer at an estate that i work at. i keep that there, dump stuff there, store equipment, etc. can work on stuff but would rather just bring it home. get paid for the lawn. i eat side work. they have a side road with a cable across it. good deal, 150 acre estate, somebody is usually around.
  8. gogetter

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    If you pay for storage for your equipment, would I be right in assuming that this would be included as a biz expense and can be written off at the end of the year?

  9. Keith

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    After having stuff stolen so many times and working on vehicles and mowers in the dirt for a long time I finally got a decent building a couple of years back in a newer complex. We pay $285 for a 20X40' with 14' ceiling. It has 10' wide doors on both ends. Electric is included as is water, and there are restrooms right next to my building. People down here seem to think this is high, but buildings this large are hard to come by around here. The manager lives on site and we have not had any problems from them working on stuff, even at 3 in the morning.

    Only thing is, no welding! That is why it is a newer building. Someone burned the old building down while welding.

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  10. lakegastonla

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    How much is "too high", Keith?

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