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  1. bohiaa

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    this make no sence what so ever ?????

    SO PLEASE TELL ME......... ON WAHT SITE ?????

    once you rent. this becomes part of your business. <---- notice the period

    it's subject to all business has to offer.
    I would love to see this in your insurance. because it's the stupidest thing I have ever herd.
  2. grandview (2006)

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    The site that is listed on my policy.That is my official business address.
  3. bohiaa

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    WELL OF CORSE..... BUT like the OP stated if he moves to a storage unit. and or a "G" HE MUST INFORM

    anytime you make changes in ANY business any type of physical change then comes the paper work.

    this is JSUT A GIVEN.......COME ON !!!!!!!

    I have Equipment EVERYWHERE......... I even leave it on job sites. over night over 2 3 and sometimes 4 days. It's PERFECLY SAFE. and it's covered.
  4. bohiaa

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    I am sorry. I didn't mean to sound RUDE.....

    I think we were NOT on the same page about paperwork. and PLEASE trust me when I say.....
    I dont do much of it....... I am VERY Lucky to have a larger company had I have People to do things like this.
    But with this being said. YOU BET I check on them to make sure were covered...

    thanks for post and advice.
    and again I am sorry If i came off Rude
  5. ryan41

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    I am also looking at getting a storage unit this year (10x20). I have a few questions for guys that use them..

    1. are you allowed to work on your equipment in them?
    2. Do they have electricity?
    3. Does anyone ever damage your trailer that is parked outside?
  6. magicmike

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    I think you would have to check out the units where you are located to find out if they have electric, but the ones Ive been dont. If you get a outside unit you can use daylight or maybe park your truck and use the headlights
  7. Holleywood

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    i rent a 10x20 and a space for 180 a month. it has electricity. 1 outlet. no inside lights but i do have access 24-7. theres a security gate and cameras it . its very secure. i have worked on equipment there with no problem. no damage or theft of trailer or any equip.
  8. 205mx

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    ^ same here. Except I have one light and 8 outlets and pay 125/mo.
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